1501 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M6R

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What side of the building are you on?

I currently have a bed bug problem at this address

Wondering if anyone else in the building has bedbugs right now. Please post if you do.

Super was a nut. Inspwcted with his moll who evidently lived in building and stank of pot. Blamed bugs on clients but seemed like clients themselves. Sad.

Why is it that tenants are so quick to blame the building for their problems with bed bugs? I have lived in the Parkdale Community for 30 plus years and have never had bed bugs (and yes they are in my apartment building), you know what the secret is? don't bring home other peoples discarded furniture, don't leave your laundry in the laundry rooms for hours, or leave it on the floor until you return, and when your building comes to treat the bed bugs..DO YOUR PART! make all the suggested preparat

ions, and clean all your clothes etc. I think it's a shame that owners are lumbered with the cost of bed bug treatments when they were not the ones that brought them into the building.

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Got bit on the 2nd night I moved in. Major infestation in that place. Landlord sprayed it, but that didn't help at all. I stayed for almost 2 years just because I couldn't afford to move anywhere else, but it was the most horrific and intense living situation. Had a constant lack of sleep, and have honestly gotten bit hundreds of times. Some people say they only come out at night, but not these little guys. I saw them at all hours of the day, scattered on the walls, floor, and if I put a mirror

under the countertops they were snug in there as well. It's an old building. No chance of getting rid of those guys unless there is a very thorough and completely renovation including proper sealing of cracks, holes, even underneath the apartment doors themselves.

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