116 Galley Ave
Toronto, ON M6R

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A professional pest control company conducted an inspection and found no evidence of any pests and steam cleaned the entire apartment and used industrial insecticides as a preventive measure.

Bed bug traps have not found any bedbugs at this location

This anonymous report seems to be from a former disgruntled tenant.

Sep 29 2014 I found a bed bug crawling around the apartment I rented on the upper floor of 116 Galley Ave, Toronto, Ontario. I had bites on my body in the previous months leading up to the sighting.

The landlord's apartment downstairs is filthy and would be described as hoarding. There is barely room to walk and there is a strong musty odour that bleeds into the hall through the door.

I told him about the bedbugs and he suggested I clean my apartment and gave me a can of bug spray. I

told him that professional cleaners would need to be hired and that the issue was not my apartment's cleanliness. He never followed through on this.
I have also had problems with mice infestation as well as cockroaches. I have since moved out and reported the problems to public health.

The neighbours report that there have been problems with bed bugs and mice for a while at this location due to his extremely substandard level of cleanliness.

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