262 Sterling
Toronto, ON M6R 2B9

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I moved out after 6 years to find a bigger place. The Landlord is very, very nice, and I would like to say Thanks for treating me like family.

I moved in on June 1st 2013 and moved out may 31 2014 and not a day later. The place has mice. It was ok in the summer months but as soon as it got cold out they started coming in. You can hear them in the walls all night. I couldn't use the stove because it smelled like mice shit. they were several of them living inside.The landlord never does anything. One I went on vacation for a month and he said that he would cover all the holes and take care of the problem but he never did. I came home and

I knew he was inside because there was things there that did not belong to me. if he wasn't fixing things then I'm not sure what he was doing inside.Also the place floods if there is a heavy rain. I had to buy a new couch that i didn't even take it with me in the end because it smelled like mice piss. The place includes internet that doesn't work half the time.

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