Merchant Ln
Toronto, ON M6P

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I live in the building on the 7th floor at merchant ln and it is infested with bedbugs. they are sometimes seen in the hallways as well. stay away from Taft Forward management they do not manage properties at all nor treat their tenants with respect. They take your money and spend it renovating their own office instead of fumigating like was requested. Taft Forward is one of the worst property management comanies I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. My furnature is ruined. You sh

ould see the garbage area it is constantly piled high with couches and mattresses that have been thrown away. I am sure they are elsewhere in the building and I know that I did not bring them with me when I moved in. Now Im 4 months into my lease and they landlord of my unit will not let me out without charging me for each month not honoured. I am absolutely sick of Taft Forward management. For the love of whats good do not do business with these jerks or live at their properties!

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