65 High Park Ave
Toronto, ON M6P

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Hi does anyone know if 111 Pacific have any bedbugs or cockroaches? Thanks

I am curious about moving to this apartment, JAN. 2013.
Has anyone had any problems recently?

An update to my previous report...

Finally had my place sprayed professionally on July 28, more than 2 weeks after reported it to management.

The experience dealing with management was rather strange. After my original report, there was no communication for over a week. Contacted Resident Services Centre (the ladies over there were very helpful in general) and found there's nothing in their system about my report or inspection. Talked to building manager over the phone. "I can personally a

ssure you that we inspected your suite and no bugs were found". Problem was -- I was home entire day -- no inspection took place. Later, they claimed to have inspected the wrong suite.

Fair enough. 2nd inspection scheduled. I am home again. The pest control shows up this time. Gentleman is very professional. Inspects sleeping area (no live bugs found), answers all my questions, positively identifies the dead bed bug that I found and tells me that the place needs to be sprayed at least twice to ensure no further infestation and that he will arrange with management in the coming days.

Day goes by, 2 days... no communication from management. I am checking with Resident Services once more. Again, the ladies are as helpful as they can be and leave a message with the building manager to call me back. Next day, I receive a msg on my phone, "We inspected your suite. No live bugs were found and at this point no further action is necessary". I call back and ask to explain the discrepancy between what I was told by pest control and their response. "Oh, it was my husband who talked to pest control. He said they didn't find any live bugs. But I will schedule the spraying right away."

Lots of cleaning, vacuuming and packing and the place is finally sprayed. So far, no signs of bugs or bites. My fingers are crossed. It's too bad that it took so long and I am not exactly pleased with the fact that if I wasn't home during the "wrong" and actual inspections, nothing at all would be done. Mostly, I had good experience living here for the last 8 years, but the time has come to move on. This experience was a trigger for me to start looking for a new place to live. I will update this report should there be any new developments. Thanks for reading.

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I was getting mosquito-like bites for about a week but there were no mosquitoes in sight so I started getting suspicious and did some research on possible causes. Everything was pointing to bed bugs as the mysterious bites would occur at night while asleep.

I inspected the sleeping area and found 1 dead bed bug. Reported to management immediately (this was on Monday, July 11) and still waiting for the inspection (July 17 now). Not impressed with their response at all. "We notified the pest co

ntrol company, you will probably get a letter". Also, the lady at Resident Service Centre mentioned there were 2 other reports on that same day -- one from 65 High Park and also from another building in High Park Village. I wonder how widespread the problem is in the complex.

In the meantime I sealed the mattress and applied the DE to the sleeping area and that seemed to have stopped the bites (fingers crossed), but this is not really a solution. The area needs to be treated by pest control to prevent further infestation. Seriously considering moving away from HPV as this is not the first fiasco under current management group in recent years.

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