62 Laws St
Toronto, ON M6P

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The report by Anonymous on 04/08/2009 is completely erroneous. I am the owner of 62 Laws. I have owned it since September 4th, 2007. I evicted the tenants upon taking possession of the house. Then I spent nearly 4 years renovating and restoring this beautiful Victorian home back to its original glory, with modern touches. There were no bedbugs here when I took possession, there were no bedbugs during my stay over the last 4 years, throughout the renovation, and there are none here now. There hav

e been no tenants here the entire time so the fact that you have someone named 'Anonymous' claiming he has lived here and experienced bedbugs is completely false. If you do not remove his post, I will sue you in Provincial Court. You have 5 business days to remove it.

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The address is wrong - it could not have been 62 Laws. The house has been under renovations for the past few years and has not been tenanted since prior to 2007.

Entire building infested - informed by landlord issue has been going on (off and on) for the past few years. PCO came to spray and bugs came back. We have sinced moved!!!

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