55 Oakmount Rd
Toronto, ON M6P

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Two ladies were carrying pieces of furniture to the garbage and I decided to take it immediately before someone else (the garbage is for ALL 3 buildings). A man came right up to me and said, listen there's two cases of bedbugs in just this building - you shouldnt be taking things out of the garbage this is why we cant get rid of them, people like you. I spoke to a friend whom lives there and she told me there are bedbugs right now on the 5th floor> Management wont tell anyone, Im glad I know my

sources are true. Management is terrible and the reception/office adm isnt good either. Elevators are broken every 2 weeks!

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I am thinking of moving into this building come Feb, but then came across this site. I am just wondering if there have been any recent bed bug or roach siting's??

I lived on the penthouse and the only problem I enountered was a huge amount of Silverfish. They are disgusting, come out only at night to feed on crumbs and left over foods left out, and there was no reasonable way to have them removed from the apartment. The bed bug situation was a hot topic around February 2010 in the building, there were postings all over that stated inspections were going to be made. No one entered my apartment for any type of inspection, and we were not given any further w

ritten communication on the matter. In light of even the possibility of having bed bugs, I decided to move from the building. Never in the time I lived there did I see bed bugs, roaches, ladybugs or other pests. Friends in the building 60 Mountview (managed by the same company) have no problems to this day, and were never given any notices of infestations of any kind.

As always, if you are deciding to rent, educate yourself and ask about the bed bug situation. Get it in writing if possible, you will get more results and information that way.

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Massive cockroach infestation. Landlord has been telling us for 2 Years that they have been putting down "gel" to stop them. Today we found out that they haven't even entered our apartment, my pregnant wife, dog, and myself have all had reoccurring stomach problems doctors traced back to cockroach waste in OUR FOOD! Management is upset that we are bothering them with our problem, and we are now met with 10-15 roaches everytime we open a cupboard. Bedbugs are also a major issue in all three b

uildings. If you value your families health DO NOT MOVE HERE.

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Bed Bug Infestation in all three building
45 55 and 65 mountview Oakmount road.

It is now in every floor up to 14 floor.( 55 Oakmount)
Oakmount 45 is infested up to 9th. My friend on 16th not seen bed bugs yet...

It is out of control and management is not doing anything to eradicate bed bugs nor warning tenants of situation. no educational fluers either...

important to understand that all three buildings have east and west sides hollow and corner apartments are most infected with on

es near garbage chute and elevator shafts.

Also important to know that this apartment buildings have NO cockroaches ants or any other pests except ladybugs from high park.

something has to be done as this buildings are full of small kids and babies...

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When I first moved in, I noticed a bunch of tiny ants in and around the cracks between the floor and the walls. A couple drops of poison took care of that. No other problems. Been here 2 years.

We have cocoroches and even spraying didn't help to get rid of those bugs !
I am not sure what can we do about it next but report to Toronto Public Health

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