546 Indian Grv
Toronto, ON M6P

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This entire building is INFESTED with cockroaches. The landlord, Guan Lin is a crook who will not do anything about the situation. He entered our apartment constantly without notifying, except for when we reported cockroaches, then we didn't hear from him for a month, until his wife came in with a can of bug spray and told us to "be cleaner". He will not fix things that are broken, he will not deal with your issues.
These people are greedy and terrible landlords.
Bed bugs were also reported

and not dealt with.

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This entire building is infested with cockroaches. No amount of sealing or cleaning can deal with it. We told the landlord, Guan Lin, and after many phone calls and WEEKS LATER his wife came in with a can of bug spray and that was that.
One new tenant moved in and moved out within a few days because it was so out of control and the landlord refused to do anything because he had a BS excuse about having to wait for a new "medicine".
Another tenant on the floor above said she reported bed bugs t

o him and a month later he had still done nothing.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING, Not to mention the restaurant below!

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