40 High Park Ave
Toronto, ON M6P

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There are bed bugs on the 12th floor of 40 Pigh Park Avenue. My neighbour's place was treated twice, my place once (yesterday)even though I've not seen any in my unit. July 6 2015. I understand there is one apartment on our floor badly affected but have not been able to get information from management whether or not this unit has been treated, which is a bit frustrating.

Can anyone tell me if there are any bedbugs or roaches at 111 Pacific Ave, condo....I am not getting anything coming up, but this could be just a lot of false hope.....

Oh no I live on the 14th floor... Nothing yet...

Found beds bugs on 14th floor ! Alot I am out of here !

Cockroaches on second floor!!!!

is this the verica building. I am thinking of renting here. april 11/15

There are cockroaches on the 6th floor.

We got bed bugs through the walls - either our neighbours or they're just in the building. 8th floor. Never actually found a live one, but we found a shit ton of larvae.

I live at 40 High Park and was surprised to read a report about BB in this building. What floor do you live on? So far the management has been doing really a great job addressing any my issues. I would be happy to learn how they dealt with BB report. Thanks

I live in this building. To the two people who posted below, can you tell us what floor you live on?

This sucks, in the 15 years I have been livimg hear. got the neighbours bed bugs, a crap load..

I know someone who has been living there for a long time recently told me they got beg bugs as of Nov28/2014.

We're considering an apartment at either this location or across at the 77 quebec location. I just found bed bug reports for 77 quebec so that's now out of the question, but would like to know if this building is now BB free? We liked the place so if this building isn't contaminated, it would be great information for us.

We live at the 77 quebec building for 3 years and my sister lived at the 40 high park building. We have not seen a single bug!

Meant to say in the repot below that I lived in the building across the PARKING LOT for three years not across the HALL sorry for the typo

Lived in the sister building across the hall for three years in two different apartments.
NEVER had a problem! The management was quick to post a bedbug advisory once 1.5 years ago and steps to avoid them spereading no other reports since then. This is a good building. They are replacing the balconys over the next two years though so there is a bit of a noise issue.

I believe there is no problem in this building. Always call management - they can tell you for sure.

I'm also curious if there is an update wrt any incidents in this building. I'm considering moving there this September... Anyone?

So, does no news mean good news?

No reports since Dec...
I'm coming over to see an apartment today and would really like to read more on this building...

please tell us what floor you found the bedbugs on. i live in this building and im very paranoid about this bedbug problem.

Please, let us know which floor you are living at. It is very important . BB may be gone from your unit , but not all of them will be killed , and by the next treatment in two weeks, they will 'move' to adjacent units , etc, etc... If we do not know, BB will spread soon all over the building. You to , may get them again. Pest control is ONLY ONE part of action to be taken. PLease ,tell us .
To all tenants. Do not litter in a garbage disposal room .

I have lived in this building for over 12 years. I am on the 21st. floor. May I ask where the reported bedbug problem was located, within 40 HP? Thank you. I really am a tenant here.

After weeks of waking up with numerous mosquito like bites, and doing a thorough cleaning of EVERYTHING, we were finally able to locate a bed bug-the source of our bites & the bane of our existence....Management required that we bring them a bug before they would move forward in pest control procedures. We luckily found a bug Wednesday night, brought it to Resident Services Thursday morning, and the integrated pest management is in the apartment as we speak. 45 sealed garbage bags of stuff to de

al with (launder/vaccuum/etc), a few days of hard work (essentially all of the work of moving without actually moving within a few hours), and hopefully we will be rid of them forever...!

see full report...

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