3100 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6P

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I moved in on January 26th 2008, saw a bug I had not ever seen before, trapped it and brought it to my PCO guy at work. He looked at it and pronounced it to be a bed bug.

I got in touch with the Toronto Health Department and an inspector called me the next day advising me that the best course of action is to move and leave anything that cannot be boiled, baked or thrown in the dryer.

The landlord said he has never heard of these things, that I should look after calling the pest control

and he will pay me back.

I have no intention of staying there as the place would be nearly imposssible to seal up having so many cracks in the floors and walls. Also there is mice and apparently the bed bugs can live on the mice as well, furthering their life span.

My friends and family are trying to fins out if I can sue in small claims court as the infestation is severe and the previous renters left their furniture on the back deck, probably hoping to get rid of the bugs as well. I am sure the landlord is aware of the problem and not interested in resolving it.

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