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Hi does anyone know if 111 Pacific have any bedbugs or cockroaches? Thanks

Hi Folks,

Please continue to post. We can't prove what is or isn't true. But, hope tenants account are true.. I didn't see any bedbugs, but I had and still have heat issues. I have documented, got pictures as well. I don't think it's fair to pay $2000 a month, and not get adequate heat. When by-laws said other wise and Ontario law said it must be 20celius and higher. From September to June.

Don't let the Super or DMI tell you different, any issue call Toronto 311 and complain.

I have lived here for about 4 years and I do agree with some of the comments on here about how rude and unprofessional the management staffs are. I do not have to really deal with them so it doesnt bother me that much, but if you have an issue, be ready to be talked down to. I do not have bedbugs but I have seen roaches and I do have those tiny ants that someone else mentioned.
I do not have an unobstructed view, but if you can get one that would be nice and as long as you do not need to deal

with Jennifer you will be fine. She can be brutal.

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I do have bedbugs, because old furniture get carried into the building. I was told management does this because they turn around and sell it, I do not know if that’s true, but I do have them. I was very surprise since I have never had them before; I had to throw away my mattress. The management here is very unprofessional with no customer service skills, I have only been here for a few months and will be moving once my lease is up.

You get what you pay for! Where else in High Park can you get an apartment with unobstructed views for the price and location? Seriously! People should stop complaining. Jennifer and management are actually great. They are really busy with 31 floors, and it's really just Jennifer who runs the show. Normally a building of this size should have 3 staff doing the admin. The new elevators are now working great and I have never had any bug problems whatsoever. Close your door and be grateful for what

you have, or go pay more somewhere else or move into a basement apartment… right!

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I just moved here a in 2015 and the first month of my tenancy I already submitted 4 work orders. Jennifer is the worst, she has no customer service skills whatsoever. I asked to break my lease and was told I am not able to. DO NOT MOVE HERE. If you call the office, the message is that they have apartments to rent and you can show up between certain hours, this should have been a red flag for me, what building always has apartments avail unless there is a problem with people moving out? I re

gret the day that I moved here and as soon as my lease is up I am moving.

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Superintendents are really unprofessional and rude.
Jennifer just has no time for doing her actual job, since she has a side job of walking tenants dogs at the time when she supposed to be available, according to the schedule on the office door. Her husband also busy during working hours picking up furniture from the garbages around so he can have a garage sale after. They always have an excuse, saying that they were showing the apartments, but I personally saw them doing their side jobs at t

hey office operating hours.
it is impossible to have them do any work, but when they actually do come, Raymond touches your belongings if he thinks that nobody home. That's actually happened to me, when I was in another room with the door closed!
I submitted tons of work orders forms and had no job to be done. My ceiling is deteriorating and nothing has been done about it.

If you are thinking of moving in this building, think twice.

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So this building just got really nice, brand new elevators. I guess management didn't want to get the floor in the elevators dirty so instead of spending $5 on a floor mat, they decided to cut out and old piece of carpet with hand scissors, and place the dirty old frayed carpet in the nice new elevator. This is the kind of absurd ghetto short cuts you have to deal with here. No pride whatsoever in managing this place.

Thinking of moving here in a couple months, looking for some up to date info

The building is nice, never had issues with any bed bugs. New elevators were supposed to be in months ago, project is taking for ever

Clean building, definitely no bug issues. Management is really brutal though. Especially the company that manages the property (DMI)

Management here is a nightmare, its impossible to get them to do anything.

March 10, 2015

DO NOT MOVE HERE! This building has a major issue with bed bugs, primarily a result of the careless manager Jennifer bringing old furniture in. I have bites all over my body. Ive tried to end the tenancy but they wont let me. There is also a minor cockroach issue. I've only seen one since I moved in 4 months ago. Still very disturbing though.

Not aware of bed bugs. Tiny ants instead.

Hello I am looking forward to moving here in December 2012. Has anyone encountered any bed bugs lately?

I've lived in this building for a year and a half before I moved out and loved it. When I moved into the building I was concerned about bedbugs but thankfully have NEVER seen any in this building let alone had them.

The management can be assholes though so I would imagine some people are publishing false reports just for spite. But to be fair there were none in my experience.

I lived in this building for four years. Loved the building. The maintenance crew is always very responsive, and they cleaned the common area very well everyday. No bug issue whatsoever!

I have not encountered bed bugs in the few years I have lived here. But in the last year there has been a major ant problem. These are the tiniest ants and they seem to come out of nowhere. The landlord had the exterminators come which definitely helped. I freaked when I saw an ant on the INSIDE of my computer's flat screen.

As of now the problem is not one of bedbugs but rather about the random shutting off of water supply. They do give a day's advance notice but every month the water get

s shut off at least twice.

Of late the problem has become one with the laundry room. They have a nice clean and huge laundry room. But they shut it down suddenly. And post the notices ONLY on the first floor rather than every floor. This means that you go all the way down to the sub-basement where the laundry room is located, haul your laundry one flight of stairs and then find out it is closed.

If you are single parent like me all these things add up to too much aggravation.

Having said that let me say the building is located in a BEAUTIFUL neighbourhood, it's north and south sides (esp. if you are above the 10th floor) are stunning. The tenants are all decent people.

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Lived here for 3 years and never encountered bed bugs. No ants or cockroaches either. Fruit flies / Gnats surround the building once or twice a year, but that's due to being close to high park and the lake. Closing the windows and keeping the apartment clean in case any flies do get in solves that problem.

Does anyone know who owns the building??

HENRY, very interested in your proof as I am considering moving in. Thanks.

They do have bedbugs. I can prove it.

I have been in this building for 15 years and have never experienced bedbugs or any other type of bugs for that matter. Anyone who has to send a note anonymously concerns me. If you really have an issue you should not be a coward but put your name to your words.

TENANTS, does anyone have an update about 299 Glenlake?

LostLyric ,

'Recycling' furniture, in an area where bedbugs have been spotted in all surrounding high rises, should not be applauded. In fact any long term tenant should be concerned. Such practices are unprofessional and risky (even when there's no known infestation problem) to say the least.

This report is written as of Feb 27th, 2011. I am a tenant in this building 21 years now. And I have NEVER experienced any bedbugs and I have moved a couple of times within the same building. So I am not sure what the other person making the report has personally experienced. Because the other report simply talks about the building staff holding garage sales of items they picked up in the garbage. I cannot speak to that because I don't know the source of the items the hold a garage sale of.

I am assuming that perhaps these are leftovers that vacating tenants leave behind. In any event to me that is a good thing as it means items are being recycled.

My reason for making this report is because if someone has a beef about something they have against the building staff then they should talk about that and not make it a bedbug report. Such a report doesn't help anyone and if anything misguides people.

The tenant association reference to bedbugs in their flyer for a meeting agenda referred to upkeep and maintenance to PREVENT bedbugs, and their report about bedbugs certainly did NOT say anything about bedbugs at 299 Glenlake.

Once again I am a tenant of the building and not some shill of the management of the building trying to make a case for anything.

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I recommend staying away from this place since the superintendent with his assistant regularly bring back furniture and other items from garbage area and conduct summer 'garage' sales. Also, notification of tenant association meeting downstairs mentioned bed bugs. I doubt that the management being criminally stingy and downright obnoxious, is going to be helpful in solving possible infestation problems.

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