2750 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6P

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Although bed bug (and all pest control)are the responsibility of the landlord. Technically the TENANTS are the source of bed bugs. The landlord didn't deliberately infest the building. Tenants often bring in old furniture, clothing etc.. that are infested with bed bugs. All the landlord can do is try to control the infestation, but, the landlord is powerless over tenants who bring in the bugs in the first place.

I lived here too. For 2 years. I was bitten by many bed bugs. The Supportive Housing Worker was a very caring person and did everything he could to help the tenants but one tenant named Lynda was constantly bringing in bed bugs.

I moved into this unit (505) when I was 4 months pregnant. (Sept 2009) It was my first experience with subsidized housing. Mainstay's mandate is to provide "clean and safe" housing and they fail miserably in this regard. Building services ignore major infestations (storage areas devastated by mice, common areas, recycling and laundry areas hopping and crawling with bed bugs and roaches). I complained to my 'supportive housing worker' to no avail. I wrote letters asking them to clean up the laund

ry/recycling rooms, as they were an obvious source of transferring bugs.

Sadly, 6 weeks ago, I saw a bed bug crawl under my livingroom baseboard. I immediately placed a work order for caulking and it was IGNORED. Last week my infant son and myself were attacked by bed bugs. I have thrown out most of my belongings, bought a new crib, camping chairs, etc.

Mainstay are willing to fumigate (but completely ignored very simple steps to prevent the spread in the first place). They have no real interest in cleaning up the problem. Many of the tenants here struggle with mental health issues and it is obvious that Mainstay holds its tenants in disdain.

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