2747 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6P

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In April of 2010, we moved into Unit 8 of 2747 Dundas Street West. As we were moving in the movers said they had moved furniture in and out of this place on numerous occasions, and that "nobody seemed to stay too long". We would soon find out why.

We noticed the neighbors bagging their things and throwing it out onto our adjoining roof, and not long after we were infested with Bed Bugs. We felt at the time that the landlord was taking apropriate measures in spraying our unit, but the bed bu

gs just decided to move to the next unit, and then the next one, until they were eventually back at our place. This took place for an entire year, before we finally could afford to move.

The landlord will never spray the entire building,use a reputable or professional exterminator and two of his tennants insist on bringing in wooden objects they find on the side of the street, obviously making the problem worse.

This isn't the only infestation but to stay on topic I'll sumarise that any potential tennant should avoid this entire stretch of buildings (all owned by the same landlord) like the plague.

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