2360 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6P

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My wife and I woke up with red marks this morning before heading to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. My wife mentioned this oddity to the pharmacist who upon asking us if we live in "those towers" let us know that it is an epidemic in these buildings.

Once we got home we confirmed bedbugs in the seam of the mattress and sofa.


They seem to do what they do best! LIE LIE LIE

However, footage doesn't lie!


Based on available information, should you be targeted by the parties concerned, it will likely be necessary to execute LETHAL FORCE and TAKE THEM OUT as they will NOT hesitate to invoke grievous bodily harm or death to any member of the public at large that they deem vulnerable to them hiding under the Trespass To Property Act of Ontario and other related legislation.


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The drama alone on this page should scare you into not moving into this place.
It smells weird, its creepy at all hours, the elevator is dangerous, and its ABSOLUTELY INFESTED with roaches.
Im a very clean person, yet i still have to shake out my boots every time i use them... or check the toilet seat every time i sit because there are roaches everywhere I look. Ive woken up to them crawling on my face. unbelievably infested...
The rent is cheap, and the location is good, but if you can in a

ny way afford something else please, please PLEASE dont move here.

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This is the second time I submit a report here.
I am advising everyone who looks into renting in this building to be very careful about their decision.

2360 Dundas st W is a horrible place to live in. Yes it is because of other tenants that the building is infested. Some of them dont even mind living with roaches sleeping beside them.

Do not come close to this building. you will regret it I can assure you.

Hi myung-ho your landlord would never do anything that would interfere with your business. As long as you pay your rent on time there will not be any concern. I encourage you to come to the office and speak to the specially trained staff who will be able to help you.

i call the number like u say n the lady on the line she tel me to speak with the office so i speak with the office now and when i get home lock is change now my wife inside have to get up in 3 hour for work now i stay home wait for the locking guy to fix the probem office deni the all knowledge about this happenings u stupid fuck fuck guy you are the stupid from the office and you just want to fuck me if you fuck me agaen you stuupid i call polic to come take u away DO U UNDRSTAND ME u stupi mot

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To myung-ho song call the landlord and tenant board at (416) 645-8080 they can help you with who to call. Or call 311 and ask to speak with the health department. Hope this helps and good luck.

the bugbug eat us alive over here can somebodee please helps??

thank u i and wife from the korea and not know where to get tenant right to be enforce

I cannot stop smirking while I read these reports. Bedbugs are a major epidemic right now that are affecting many the population of Canada and America right now.

You are blaming the building and the landlord yet some choose to live in scum conditions and bring the bedbugs in by themself.

I have been employed here for almost 20 years and live hear about one quarter of a time. I rarely ever seen a cockroach or this bug in this building. You need to take responsibility as a neighbour and keep

your units in good condition.

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As a former tenant of the Crossways...I am warning everyone never ever move into either of the Crossway buildings.

The buildings are absolutely infested with roaches and bed bugs and management doesnt give a shit.

Apparently the the infestation has been going on for decades and management knows this but still keeps on renting the units out to unsuspecting tenants because all they want is your money. When you do report infestations they will blame you and tell u its your fault. Management

needs to learn their lesson and be punished. The only way this can happen is if people stop renting there so that the buildings lose money and the assholes lose their jobs. You have been warned.

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I have been CLEANLY living in 2360 for several months now. Luckily, I took over a lease from another tenant, so I am only locked in for a few more months. When viewing, I saw a dead bug and thought nothing of it. After moving in, I noticed a few small roaches occasionally creeping out if I went to the bathroom in the night. Bought some spray, blasted the seams of the apartment where I figured they were getting in. Fast forward a month and they were back - and in bigger numbers.

Long story sh

ort: you can't approach management. They took over 3 days to acknowledge a different complaint when my freezer broke. Needless to say, all the food spoiled and the repair man left a note saying "it works fine." Another week later, (after more complaining) I got a replacement.

Bottom line - this building is infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. It doesn't matter how you/your neighbors live (cleanly or otherwise) because the bugs live here now too. They live on every floor and they aren't leaving.

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Bed bugs do not magically appear in apartments tenants bring them in. The are tenants who have lived in the building for over 10 years and they have never had a bed bug problem. If tenants can be more aware that bed bugs can come from school, library, work and even from used furniture. Some tenants dont even advise management until they are heavily infested. Its easy to blame management but management does offer pest control services aand will always work with the tenant to solve the problem.

So instead of blaming the crossways maybe people should look at themselves first.

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I moved here a year ago. My apartment was filthy in terms of roach infestation. Had to spray the apartment numerous times and Im still getting them. Even after sealing the holes, there are still roaches.
Also the building smells terrible. Every floor has a disturbingly disgusting smell. I've been also trying to get rid of the smell in my apartment. I spent a fortune buying numerous cleaning products and air purifiers. Unfortunately, I cannot get rid of the bad smell! the manage

ment office always sends people to check it out after complaining. They always say they dont know what it is and cant fix it.
Cant wait to move out

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I moved in on January 2008, saw a bug I had not ever seen before, trapped it and brought it to my PCO guy at work. He looked at it and pronounced it to be a bed bug.

I got in touch with the Toronto Health Department and an inspector called me the next day advising me that the best course of action is to move and leave anything that cannot be boiled, baked or thrown in the dryer.

The landlord said he has never heard of these things, that I should look after calling the pest control and he

will pay me back.

I have no intention of staying there as the place would be nearly imposssible to seal up having so many cracks in the floors and walls. Also there is mice and apparently the bed bugs can live on the mice as well, furthering their life span.

My friends and family are trying to find out if I can sue in small claims court as the infestation is severe and the previous renters left their furniture in here, probably hoping to get rid of the bugs as well. I am sure the landlord is aware of the problem and not interested in resolving it.

UPDATE: Landlord Luigi DiGeso threaten me not to discuss this.

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I am infested on the 5th floor and have moved out already despite my current lease. I intent to cease payment and expect an argument with the landlord who denies all knowledge of the bugs. As I can clearly see, it is my opinion that they know or ought to know about the recurring issue that is taking place in the building.

I live on the third floor and I got them bugs. I reported to the rental office and instead of spraying, landlord beat a homeless guy

Do not move here :(

Second floor above the rental office, I got the bugs. Told security who discouraged me from going to the office so I hired my own pest control contractor.

My wife woke up with a rash. Went to nearby clinic and the doctor identified them as bedbugs. Went to management, smells like mafia. Do not move here.

- Louis


I have been renting on the second floor for several years now and have recently been infested with cockroaches and even more recently, bed bugs. I spoke with the bully of a manager and his wife blamed my lack of cleanliness and filthy lifestyle. I am a disabled professional who hires cleaners twice per week to keep my place spotless at all times. These people have no regard for human life and my electrical power was shut off when I was on vacation and made an error on the cheque to

pay rent for a few weeks. They claim it to be an error, but all of my tropical fish died and I found a floating cockroach in the tank.


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I cannot stop smiling when I read these reports. This is Toronto and the city if full of bedbugs. Look at the map full of red dots and tell me where can you find a building without them.

You are all blaming the building and the landlord, forgetting that neither of those planted bedbugs in your apartment. You, or some of your neighbours brought them in.

I have been working in this Complex for 16 years, and been living here for 3. In the two apartments that I've lived so far, I've seen 3 roa

ches in 3 years. Not bad! Bedbugs - zero.

And why is that? Because:
a) I don't pick up furniture that has been thrown in the garbage (yes, furniture with roaches and bedbugs that was disposed of and that some of you insist on bringing back into the building);
b) I clean up my apartment and made sure to cover all the points on entry for the pests;
c) I don't buy furniture from places that have a history of bedbugs, like Ikea and other well knows stores;
d) the moment I see one, I call for pest control. I don't wait for months until my apartment is so infested that the bugs start "moving out" to the apartments beside, above and below me.

If you look around you, all you see is people who have no notion of personal hygiene nor Public Health, who insist on throwing garbage onto the floor of the chute rooms, who keep boxes (full of eggs) in their apartments for months or years, who leave their infested furniture and mattresses in the hallways for the Super to pick up, because they are too lazy to bring it down themselves, ect, etc.

So, before you blame the building and the landlord (who by the way spends a fortune every year trying to get rid of something that their tenants brought into the building), blame your neighbours and think about what you have done today to help control the situation.

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Avoid this dump. The landlords don't care that there are bedbugs and roaches all over. You go down to the garage, and there's always all types of bedding sitting at the garbage bins.

If you get bugs and ask the landlords to do something, they will try to blame you and threaten to call the health department and tell them that you brought the bugs in. They're arrogant, cheap, ignorant, and completely hostile once they decide they don't like you. And that happens with alarming regularity aroun

d here. Once you're on the enemy list they harass you to no end trying to make your stay even more of a living hell than it already is. Tenant privacy isn't even respected much either. They just enter your apartment without notice when it suits them.

All through the summer of 2011 I tried and tried to get rid of the creepies on my own without the sunny cheerful help of the management. I couldn't so I moved out as soon as the lease ended.

This place needs to be bulldozed and replaced with a proper garbage dump, not an ugly slum lord owned hole.

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omg this building is omg cant say the word dont move in

I'm living in 8th floor. Too much roch in this floor.
This is cheap rent fee. But only cheap.
Never move here. I will move next month.

I live in 2360 , no bedbud or cockroach in my apt.
however the comment below sounds really scary.
I have to thanks god my apt is ok.


The crowd was about twenty strong, and the occasion for the gathering was the presentation of the Golden Cockroach Award, a modified sports trophy given at irregular intervals by the Parkdale Tenants Association to honour (or dishonour) whomever they deem to be the Worst Landlord of the Year.

There is not only a stories about bedbug here.....
There is all kind of insects, and unhealthy environment for me, my daughters, and all the children who live in the same building.
Is the Land of none... Plenty of new immigrant who cannot have the right word to fight with the terrible management and the careless of the Landlord
We live in the middle of the garbage.
I would love to see the Government institution to stop this type of situation here in the middle of High Park and Down Town.

The Police, Firefighters, and the Paramedics, stop every day in front of these two buildings...
And the situation come worst and worst, everyday

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In the month of January we noticed bites, so the apartment got sprayed and we did laundry. We kept dealing with the problem up until August. Evidently we needed repeated treatment but the landlords made us feel as if it was our fault that we kept getting bit, instead of properly spraying the adjacent units as well. Eventually, they stopped spraying and offering help.

The landlords here are slumlords. If you are looking for a cheap apartment, honestly, find a different place. If you are not d

ealing with bedbugs, you may be dealing with roaches at this location or some other thing that these careless slumlords will give you a hard time about. Tenants are constantly having problems with these slumlords. Bedbugs are a citywide problem but you need landlords that will deal with the problem properly and not treat you with disrespect.

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I have bed bugs in my apt. and lots of roaches. Very low maintenance building. It's literally falling apart. Crappy elevators and laundry facilitates. Very loud and noisy at all times of the day and night. Rude and disrespectful management. Other tenants living in the building are just as bad! Never feel safe coming home at night even though there is a security guard and friends don't feel comfortable visiting. There has been 2 fires since I'v lived here and its no surprise to see a police car o

r two parked outside the building. Every couple of months the apt. will smell of chemicals (probably from a drug lab in build) and apt. was not cleaned upon moving in and repairs were not made to things that needed fixing. If you don't want to live in third world conditions with third world people, definitely stay far away from this building. Worst living experience Iv ever had!

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bed bugs appeared in our unit in April. Landlord refused to hire a fumigator, instead used raid bug spray. Bug problem increased, and moved out after discarding mattress, headboard and frame. Bugs followed to new apartment, which were then eradicated by an exterminator.

I've been living in this building since 2007. Recently (December 2011) I found red rash on my bum, checked my beddings and found them. Planning to leave the scum soon.

I also think the rent of this building is overly high in comparison with the quality of the building.

Spoke with building operator, no help there. Operator threatens to make my life miserable if I post here, so I did.

I am leaving this post for "Elena", who lived in the building for 1 year and a half, apparently and was kind enough to mention my name and put in my mouth words that I would never say, for the sole purpose of getting me in trouble with my employer. Good thing they know that I would never say anything like that, even if it was true. Since I am here, I would like to tell a few things to those who post here regarding the roach and bedbug problem they say that exists in the building:
1. The buildin

g management spends a small fortune each year to kill roaches and bedbugs that are brought into the building by the pigs who live in it. The bedbugs that were found in some apartments (a minority of the almost 1200 apartments of this Complex)were not "planted" there by the owners of the building. They were brought in by the filthy tenants, maybe even some of you, who kept bringing in infested furniture that was in the garbage. The roaches, plenty of them, probably came in the building via the cardboard boxes that YOU ALL brought into the building when you moved in or moved out.
2. 2/3 of the tenants of the Complex have no housekeeping skills and simply don't clean up their units. Dirt, grease and food accumulate on the walls, floors and stoves of their units, creating the perfect environment for the propagation of roaches. When told to clean up, they look at the maintenance and office staff as if they have no idea of what we are talking about.
3. EVERY SINGLE case of infestation reported to the Management Office is immediately dealt with and treatment is provided, FREE OF CHARGE, within 5 or less business days. Unfortunately, some of the morons who live in the building wait until the problem is out of control to report the infestation, which makes treatment twice as hard.
4. I also live in the building. I am single, work long hours so I cannot clean every day. However, in the almost 2 years that I live here, I've only seen 2 (two) reaches in my apartment. Do you know why? Because I don't provide the pests with food like most of you do and I make sure that there are no open holes under the sinks.
5. In buildings of this dimension, if the tenants don't cooperate to avoid the occurrence and propagation of bug infestations, it is extremely difficult for the owners to get rid of them. But of course that it is a lot easier to blame others instead of making an effort to keep your place clean.

One last word to Elena: it's easy to call someone a bitch or a cock sucker, but I would like to see you in their shoes, meaning I would like to see you as a landlord with pigs for tenants and having to put up with the attitude of many who think they are clean, while leaving surrounded in filth just because they are to lazy to clean up. How would you like to spend thousands of dollars annually to fix a problem that was created by your tenants?

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Crazy I have seen cockroaches in the coffee shop down stairs in the mall. The. Chicken place is dirty women who runs the place is very rude. Saw cock roaches there. I also live in the buildings on the highist floor and have only seen them on the elavaltor nor have I seen. Any bed bugs at. All I have seen cockroaches in my bathroom but fixed that problem by covering all holes under the sinks in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Even. Though I have never seen any cock roaches in that room. So

I guess I am luck so far been. In building 2350. For 5 years now my place for some reasons seems to be good I haven't seen any so far just the one time 5 years ago. I am happy I don't seem to have them anymore. They had put new carpeting down in the hall and painted the walls upgrading now they are going to upgrade the mall. It is going to look really nice when done. Also I. Just want to say is we have pigs that live in the building whom should be kicked out who let. There animals dogs pee and poo in the newly done halls wow wonder where we are getting bugs from people also bring them in. Seen it my self.

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Another "thank you"! I was thinking of applying for a unit at the Crossways, but will steer clear now.

I had visited my friend who lived @ 2350 Dundas St. West building b/4. They complained the building is very DISGUSTING - found tons of roaches most of the days inside the unit. Also, the window of their car got smashed 2 times in a VERY UNSECURE underground parking. The management office is terrible too.

This is not a place to live in. DON'T MOVE IN...

Wednesday October 18th 2011, just moved in and sealed everything cleaning with borax for the next 2 days, Ill probably end up subletting my apartment, the view is great and so is the location, but Im tired of hiding on my metal futon like a survivor on a raft, f*ck this place.

Filthy, roach infested, incompetent managerial staff. There's been a cockroach squished into one of the walls on the 2nd floor that has been there for almost 2 months now. Imagine that. 2 months and no one has cleaned that off the walls. That's the kind of pride the owners have. It's unacceptable. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The first night I moved in I bleached the walls and the floors. I scrubbed everything. This was BEFORE I knew there was even roaches in the building. I

'm a very clean person. Even after all this, however, I spotted 2 cockroaches on my wall THE FIRST NIGHT. My year lease is up now! And not a moment too soon. In the past month I found cockroaches IN MY FRIDGE!!! I've had to throw away all of my food that wasn't tightly sealed. Cockroaches will actually lay eggs in food. It's a health hazard.

At first I was excited about moving in because of the location - and it's a decent neighbourhood, but the fact is - it's a slum. And the staff downstairs don't give a sh*t about their tenants - or their tenants rights.

Two people have been murdered (one gunshot, the other had his head stomp in) just outside the doors here since I've been here (1 year) and there's still no cameras in hallways, stairs, not even in the laundry room where people have had their clothes stolen. It's a nightmare. The crossways is a nightmare.

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I had lived in this building around 2 years(2010 and 2011) and its sucks!!!. I've spent more than 500$ in insect control spray to kill the roaches and its a total waste as it comes back within couple of days.

The worst part is, the rental office people are more worst than the bedbugs and cockroaches itself. Once you signed the lease, they will not treat you as their tenant. They will treat you as their slave and like a trapped rat. I never seen any rental office staffs treat their ten

ants with good attitude. They are so rude and have got no answers for their rotten buildings.

The whole building smell like a trash...
Never ever go there!!!!!!

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I have posted this on the 2350 Dundas St. W. page, but as they are both part of the same complex and I am aware that there are bedbugs and cockroach problems on both towers, I will repost it here:

I have lived at the Crossways for 2 years and I'm happy to have moved out at the end of my agreement. The whole complex (2340, 2350 and 2360 Dundas St. W.) is infested with cockroaches and bedbugs.

I can confirm there are cockroaches on several units in the 23rd floor. On a usual night, I would k

ill over 20 of them in the kitchen only! I have pictures and videos to prove that, in case anyone doubts it. There were always cockroaches over the counter, behind the stove, fridge, inside the cupboards, everywhere!

I cleaned the apartment periodically, kept no food or water outside of sealed containers, and still had roaches coming during the day and night. I was so disgusted that I stopped buying food and cooking at home and would only eat outside.

Bathrooms were full of roaches as well. I'd wake up in the middle of the night just to find many of them around the sink, in the bathtub and on the floor.

Pest control comes once a week on Thursdays, and you can choose between a gel or spray application. I had my unit sprayed over 10 times. Roaches disappear for 2-3 days, then come back. You have to wait another week to get it sprayed again (and, of course, remove all items from the kitchen/bathroom/storage areas, pull your stove and fridge from the wall).

As I am aware, most tenants do not care about the precarious condition of their units, and management blames them for not being able to take care of this problem. Management knows that most of their units are infected but will not treat them if the tenant doesn't request so, even though this is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.

They should schedule a complete building pest inspection and removal, but they do not seem to care that their property is rotten and falling apart.

I have friends living in two other floors in this building (2350) and two living in the 2360, and they all have problems with cockroaches in varying degrees. One of them had cockroaches climbing onto his bed (a bachelor unit) and another found a cockroach nest behind her fridge!

I have never seen a bedbug in my unit, however, I have talked to neighbours and am aware that there were multiple units in the building with bedbug problems as of June 2011.

One of the neighbours I talked to in the laundry room was bitten multiple times and, at that time, was still having problems with bedbugs.

As you can see, despite the great price and location (close to the TTC, Go Transit, supermarkets), I would never recommend this building to anyone. Beware of their problems, the building's decay, and do not get into a fixed-term contract!

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live in 20th floor. had roaches problem about last year and they treated it. So far the roaches have not returned. have no bedbug problems yet.

THANK YOU everyone! I was going to move here.

I just wanted to say that I feel absolutely horrible for everyone's bug stories on this forum! What a nightmare it must be for all of you.

I also wanted to thank you for submitting and posting your stories on here because I was tempted to rent at the Crossways...until I stumbled upon this website.

My suggestion to every single one of you is when you are moving out (and hopefully for most of you that is SOON), have all of your clothing dry cleaned. As much money as you might lose - DO N

OT TAKE ANY FURNITURE WITH YOU - and 'cloth' furniture...mattresses, couches, futons etc.

And, as hard as it might be it sounds like you might have to temporarily 'start over' :( Find a furnished room/bachelor apartment in a HOUSE rented by a REAL PERSON and not a MANAGEMENT company. From there replace your furniture one by one in time when you can afford it. Most furnished places will do this for you. Eg. When you buy a bed, they take the bed that they furnished the apartment with out.

I really, really feel horrible for all of you. You can legally break a lease giving 60-90 days notice AT ANY TIME.

Thanks again for posting your stories...

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Crossways is a dump, I lived there for one day, after 6 hours in my unit bed bugs were every where , even on the walls not 1 or 4 or a dozen, I squashed 46 bedbugs on the freshly painted walls, i ripped the carpet and there were hundreds, I broke my lease after i told them I would take them to court and to go to the media, it should be illegal to rent out units like this, DONT MOVE TO CROSSWAYS

My heart goes out to you guys.

Cockroaches DO NOT LIKE BAY LEAVES. Get yourself a few packet of bay leaves and spread them liberally around your apartment - especially bathroom and kitchen. They go within an hour and their scent lasts about 6 months. I can guarantee you won't see a roach in your apartment if you do.

Good Luck!

I truly regret moving into this complex! Any advice on how to get out of this contract would be greatly appreciated. It has been 2 weeks that I have been living here & I have already seen 2 roaches and been warned about bed bugs! Now I'm paranoid, feel really uncomfortable and stressed to the point of smoking just after quitting 2 yrs ago. God help me.

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LOL LOL LOL! That's me laughing after reading some of the reports here stating that there are no bedbugs or roaches in the Crossways. I can only conclude that it the crossways management themselves who are posting these remarks.

Think about it, why would there be so many complaints about bedbugs and roaches if it weren't true? Here's my story:

I lived in the crossways from 2008-2010. It was the worst experience of my life. Before I signed my lease, I expressly asked Aida at the management

office if there were roaches in the building. She said absolutely not. Well, two weeks later, I found roaches it pissed me off incredibly and it set the tone for a bad relationship with the building management for the next two years. The building is disgusting. There are roaches everywhere, and despite the fact that they had to call the roach exterminator twice to treat my unit, the roaches kept coming back.

Into my second year, my unit was infested with bed bugs. I had to throw away furniture and I had to put pack away all my stuff and wash all my clothes and put pack them away in garbage bags.
When I initally informed Rica and the building management that I had bed bugs, they asked me to wait 3 days for the exterminator!!! I said no because I was being eaten alive by bedbugs. I forced the issue by saying that i could get an exterminator in the next day and I would present them with the bill...only then did they finally agree to send someone. When my unit was being treated, I found out from the security guard who works at the building that the two units next to mine were treated a week prior to mine. So these fuckers at management didn't even give me advance notice that I might get bed bugs myself!!!

I had a one hour long talk with Rica complaining about aida lying to me about the roaches and why I wasn't informed about the two units next to mine being treated for bed bugs. I told her that if Aida was honest with me from the beginning, I would never have moved into the hell hole called the crossways. Rica said that I should focus on the positives!!!!! Dumb wench.

Listen people, don't be taken in by the convenient location or the cheaper rent of the crossways. It is a ghetto and it is infested with roaches and bed bugs. The building is 37 years old....the problems will never go away.

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I'm renting Crossways apparment for last 3 years and i moved 3 building.but all the apparments full of bed bug.do no move to Crossways Buildings

I'm renting Crossways apparment for last 3 years and i moved 3 building.but all the apparments full of bed bug.do no move to Crossways Buildings

the place has lots of roaches, they appear in the units once in awhile. i would guess that the people that say its nice is probably the management trying to keep people thinking otherwise. they just spray your unit if you tell them but they should really be doing more and they don't follow up or do anything else. there is a lot more they can do and the older management is rude to you as well if you talk to them about it. most people move out when they start appearing.

I lived at this complexe for 2 years. I had bed bugs. They spray every thursday so if you find them on Friday you will be waiting a week. They do nothing to accomidate you in the meantime, they just expect you to sleep in an infested apartment. I spent 500+ dollars on zip lock backs and tupperware to keep my clothes in. I threw out my bed and furniture. They sprayed. That`s it that`s all. They could have cared less. They did not apologize they blamed the bed bug epidemic and said it was

all over toronto. Since getting the bugs I put down poison all along my baseboards. It did keep them out but it is VERY inconvient and it`s starting to make me sick. I`ve spoken to other residents. The bugs move from floor to floor because the landlord does not quarenteen them he simply sprays the reported unit. The correct practice is to spray one unit left one unit right one unit up and one down. The landlord will not do this so the bugs go along the hallway and find another host unit. I assure you with nothing but honesty that this buildings 19th 18th 17th floor is INFESTED WITH BED BUGS. If you`d like proof all you have to do is ask to see the garbage at the BACK of the building it is FILLED with discarded matresses from the infestation.

NOT TO MENTION cockroaches. The spray would keep the cockroaches at bay for a month then then would return. I moved out last month. When I left out the unit was FULL of cockroaches (I sprayed with no effect). I was getting sick from the spray and the chalk around my apartment to keep the bed bugs out.


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OMG! I CANT BELIEVE WHAT IM READING! I love this building! I really haven't had any problems and I've been hear with my family for 5 years. If you have bed bugs in your apartment then fumigate, bed bugs usually come in with you when you move in or by second hand furniture, just saying

Hi, I'm living on the 28th floor, and I just found bed bugs in my apartment. I had to throw everything: my mattress, my curtains, my clothes. This is horrible! I couldn't sleep during a couple of nights, and the management of the building doesn't do anything and say that isn't their responsibility to do this, but Im sure it is. One has to pay 480$ for a fumigation. Unfortunately, I didn't have money for the fumigation, and I had to clean, and I'm still cleaning each day, but I think this is not

sufficient, and that they should do something, or we, as tenants should unite to do something together, collectively.

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This is what you call Karma. Someday the building will close because it no human can live with the bedbugs. And the rest of the rental office will lose their jobs and I hope the general manager will live and sleep in the streets where he belongs!


I've moved to the 23rd floor of the building on February 12th. The place has lots of disgusting cockroaches, and although they fumigated the place once, I can still see them. I haven't seen and I haven't bitten by any bed bugs yet. Can you think of any preventive cautionary measures? If you have any, do let me know, please.

Thanks to your posts (THANK YOU, GUYS!), I moved my mattress from the floor to a metal frame, but I still find the whole housing situation pretty uncomfortable, es

pecially in terms of mental stress. I never know when I turn on the light how many cockroaches are around, and I always check my skin in the morning for bites. Don't we have a tenants' association to protect our rights? I, of course, want and plan to break the one year lease as well.

see full report...


We just moved in to the second floor apartment here. After the first night we had some bites but didn't think much of it. The second night I woke up to something biting me, grabbed and caught it, and saw that it was a bed bug. The guy upstairs says that he had them.

I went to the landlord and they told me to get the fuck out and threatened me with violence. I am staying with a friend.

This place has more roaches than a Motel 6! DO NOT MOVE HERE.

This is bedbug heaven , run from crossways!!!!!!

| |
| |
| |
/'| |/'..
/~| | | |
| =[@]= | |
| | | | |
| ~ ~ ~ ~ |` )
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_____ /

| (( +==)) |

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They are every where, but of course i brought them with me? ya ok mrs red head.

the only way bed bugs are leaving this building is if the entire building gets exterminated.

I exterminate and i sleep good for a week but the ppl to the left and right of me wont. i try and the bugs are back. it is an agreed apun cycle and next week is my week to sleep!

It is an infestation though so can you move out with out breaking your lease?

There is also a list of other code violations on this b

uilding. I already had the city look @ my place.

I have seen a different bed outside on this block every other day for the last 2 weeks.

DO NOT MOVE HERE, management sucks, some wop that does not know how to multi task and will ignore you.

see full report...

Don't move here!

I found a dead hooker, a crack head and a pedophile in my unit!!!
I think the coward's mom was there too.

Ya come to my rental office I'll smash your head with a baseball bat, then I'll make u eat 1000 bed bugs, grow some nuts, and come see me at my office, I will burry you. From management.

Omg, this guy us a straight pussy if u hate the stupid managment why dont u go there and do something about it instead of hiding behind a pc screen trying to make me look not credible u fucking pussy , I was trying to help people not move there, im out of that bug motel, its not my problem anymore, must suck to be u, looks like those rental devils got u good sucka.

Well then, don't sing it; bring it, since we all know that you're a phoney and only the first post was real. We all look forward to and await the link to your video.

Also don't type in caps, it only works to diminish your would-be character to the audience.

To the retard that was saying i was managment I WILL POST UP A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE SOON OF MY INFESTATION, so stfu and grow some nuts

dont hate cause I got my loot back!

are u retarded, I posted my comments so people dont get burned, as tenant u have rights retard!!

part 3

got my full refund, thanks, inspect and do your research before moving in any where.

Monday Feb 14th

Went to management , they apologized, I explain the situation, and my biggest concern of course the health hazard for my kids, they offered me other units but I cant afford to be infested with bugs down the road, It looks like I'm getting my money back, the people from management were very sorry, they claimed they were not aware of this happening in this unit, other wise they would have got some one to come and spray the place before moving in, they told me the last t

enant didn't report any bugs, they also offered to spray my apartment on Thursday as this is the day they have people fumigate several units due to the fact they won't spray just one apartment, every Thursday they spray several apartments.

That is not healthy for me and my 2 kids

Looks like my nightmare is over, I threw away a new futon, an arm chair, new sleeping bag, $100 jeans, $100 sweater,Dollar store socks, collection of bandanas, towel, I pray and hope no bugs are hiding in the stuff I brought back from my infested unit, I also lost $200 dollar in van rentals and help, I don't wish this on anyone, be careful where u rent, I expect a full refund tomorrow. To be continued

see full report...

When I first was shown my apartment I was really happy, nice carpet , good size bachelor , subway across the street, people seem average, I couldnt wait to move in, my moving date is Feb15th 2011, however I was given the keys on the 11th to bring a few things first, the rental agent was great, kind, this was just to good to be true. On Saturday feb 12th, 2011 at around 3 pm I arrived,I had just a futon, a small couch,TV, and a desk , some CD's, I cleaned up, and found dead dry bugs, I didnt kno

w what to make of it, I arranged some acoustic panels done around 9pm, I seen a very small bug, I just killed it, again didnt think too much of it, at around 11pm I was relaxing with my gf, and we freaked out, we seen at least 60 to 100 bedbugs, I never seen one before in my life, it felt like a nightmare, I called security to show them what was going on , I took pictures, I took video, and the security guard made me fill a form, he said I would have to wait until Monday for my request to through, I spend the rest of the night smashing bed bugs all over the freshly painted white walls, by 6:30am I left at least 40 more bugs smashed on the no longer white wall. I spend $40 on 2 bed bug sprays for my stuff, came back to pick up my tv at around 5pm Sunday 13th, found about 16 bugs on the wall moving, I captured 3 for evidence, all different sizes, THIS IS AN INFESTATION , A MAJOR HEALTH HAZRD, DO NOT MOVE HERE, I'm going to the rental office tomorrow Monday February 14th, to end this lease, If i have to go to court I will, I cant go back there, its traumatizing, $749 for a bachelor, with a new fridge , a really old stove and about 3000 bedbugs to drive you crazy, This is no laughing matter, I got 2 small children that visit me on the weekends, these people jeopardize my kids. anyone wants to contact me you can do so at [email protected]

see full report...

As a resident of 2360, I'm so glad to be moving out in less than 3 weeks.

the building management will lie to you and tell you that there are no roaches or bed bugs, but living here I experienced both and it was a terrible experience.

I've had my united treated twice for roaches, but I still find them. I also had a nasty bed bug problem in the summer which my trash neighbour family spread it to the whole floor.

Don't move here. YOu'll regret it

Went to see this place, mattresses out near the dumpster covered in bed bugs. Sign posted on the tenant's wall that read: BED BUGS. Doesn't look like the landlord intends on fumigating as they want it rented immediately.

Bed bugs in Feb 2010. Former tenant confirmed their presence as well. Other tenants are trashy and weird and knowingly brought my bed bug infested furniture back in to the building. Don't move here. It was hell on earth.

Bed Bug Infestation in all three building
2340 2350 and 2360 dundas street.

It is now in every floor up to 14 floor.( 2360 Dundas)
2350 Dundas is infested up to 9th. My friend on 16th not seen bed bugs yet...

It is out of control and management is not doing anything to eradicate bed bugs nor warning tenants of situation. no educational fluers either...

important to understand that all three buildings have east and west sides hollow and corner apartments are most infected with ones nea

r garbage chute and elevator shafts.

Also important to know that this apartment buildings have cockroaches ants and any other pest ladybugs from high park.

something has to be done as this buildings are full of small kids and babies...

see full report...

Around the beginning of August 2010 I started noticing strange bites. The bites went away, but were replaced by new ones and I am continually bitten, still. A few days ago I actually saw a few fully grown bed bugs. About the middle of September I had seen some small, unknown bugs that looked similar to bed bugs and killed them (maybe adolescents?).
Going to contact management for this apartment complex as well as Toronto Health Connection...

I have lived in at this location from June 2008 to present day December 2010. Please believe me when I say I can hardly wait to leave. Not only did I move in to find this apartment in poor and relatively unsafe conditions, but I soon found out that there are pest issues beyond repair. This apartment (and neighboring apartments possibly) has mice, roaches, and bedbugs. Of the three, mice and bedbugs are much harder to eradicate and I have come to realize, after six months of misery, that this may

never be corrected. Exterminators are legalized con artists and will talk tenants and landlord alike into thinking there is hope for change but really, not even Barack Obama could sell me audacious hope at this point. The problem grows into a long term reality and can only be ignored or tolerated. I am not the person to do either and so must get away from such filth pronto.

Yes there is an advisory on the whole city of Toronto (pretty much) for these disgusting creatures, but where some locations are better and some landlords more helpful, this place offers neither so out I must go.

see full report...

We have found them in our unit- and they are being treated saturday Nov 20th 2010. They were treated in 2 other units this summer (2010), but it is unknown at this time if any other units have them. The landlords are fast to book a pest control company to address an infestation but have failed to inspect the entire property at this time. They are apartments in 2 buildings. A lovely property and location with great neighbors but be cautious of this and take precautions with mattress covers, diato

maceous earth etc. and an inspection when possible.

see full report...

We moved in In November 1, 2010. The apartment was infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. We fumigated 5 times, we steam ourselves every night, we vaccum everything every night. We lived under horrible conditions. All our clothes were washed and in plastic bags in a storage room, etc, etc for 3 months and we could not solve the problem. We eventually moved out and before we moved out without fumigating again or anything they were showing the apartment to new potential tenants. I told people why

I was moving out. The rental people are so irresponsible and don't care to rent the unit even if they know the place is infested. I even saw the bed bugs in the day time. Before we moved out I saw one in my towel in the day time in the shower.
It is horrible!

see full report...

I moved to the Crossways recently and I can confirm that there is a massive population of ROACHES infesting these twin apartment complexes.

I've had my unit sprayed twice to kill the roaches, and unfortunately, I continue to find them. This is a nasty building that is 35 years old and the roach problem cannot be solved here.

I didn't have bedbugs in my unit, but many of the residents in the building have complained of bed bugs.

The Management aren't the nicest people and often you have

to be stern with them and threaten them before they take action.


see full report...

2350 dundas west
nov 30
I just moved into this building 2 days ago and have repacked most of my belongings back up. On moving in I saw dead roaches , mostly in the kitchen. I was told they sprayed and it should be remedied. Not knowing a whole lot about cockroaches I decided to phone the company they used for "controlling" them. I needed to get educated. I was told that they are not exterminaters , but contollers. So the situation will remain prevelant and my desire to get rid of them is nothi

ng but a pipe dream. I am thoroughly digusted and worried that they will be making a home in my material things , for me to possibly bring to my next location.
How is this ok?! How can we be legally bound to a contract that compromises our health and well being. Does Toronto not want to remedy this situation?
At this point my request is to agree on breaking my contract. It has been denied . I am disheartened by the property mngt. and wonder if they would live in these same conditions they are forcing us to live in.
:( where is the decency?

see full report...

Confirmed, Bed Bugs on the 22nd floor. Spoke with Jos. Louis and Rika totally useless, I will be moving out.

So the previous post before this one was written by myself. I wrote the post when I was still freaking out after having encountered the bed bugs and after having spent a 24hr period following an overnight shift at my work prepping my place to be sprayed and of course the aftermath clean up....

While I did lose a large amount of money as a result over the last year or 2 I realize that I may have said some things out of frustration.

I want to clarify that it is by no means the buildings fa


Rica did say that I could have taken them home from my work but this is a fair accusation as she is unaware of the extreme measures that I take to ensure that I do not bring them home. She can not possibly know as she is not there...

I am still unable to terminate my lease but I can of course sublet... I don't fully agree with this but this does follow the landlord and tenancy act unfortunately.

When I recall the first time that I had them, Rica actually jumped and personally made the phone call to the extermination people. This second time my apartment was sprayed less than 24hrs later. Both times the exterminator guy did not find any sign of bed bugs in my unit.

If you want to get rid of bed bugs it unfortunately sometimes means a lot of hard work and sometimes parting with things you care about and that cost money. Maybe not to the same extremes that I have, but it worked for me and I am bed bug free after only one treatment.

While this building does have bed bugs, it is not caused by the building. The management bring in the exterminators once a week, every week. Bed bugs are re-brought in by people who grab used furniture from the garbage bins...People typically are throwing out their furniture rather than selling it for a reason! They for sure did not take mine...I slashed the shiazen out of my couch! I'd like to also add that the majority of apartment complexes in Toronto have bed bugs...Not just this one. It's unfortunately something that Toronto needs to deal with at this time.

Management may be defensive with you, but not necessarily look at you as though you are dirty. It may be your own...including my own interpretations. It is incredibly easy to misread people's reactions in times of stress. They may lie to you as they are used to being yelled at every day. I can guarentee that they are doing what they legally have to do though.

see full report...

On November 10th/10 I had a terrible feeling I had bed bugs. I have a rather large paranoia of them so I began searching. I was lucky to not have had an infestation or bites but I found a couple on my couch after searching desperately.

After speaking to many people on my floor I discovered that the majority of my floor had been hit by bed bugs.

I went down to management and after filling out a work order to have them come in and spray I spoke to the manager Rica about the problem. I let

her know that I wanted out of my lease (which does not end until April 2011) as this is my 2nd time in the last year dealing with bed bugs.

She automatically accused me of bringing them in from my work as I work in a shelter. I let her know that the chances are rather slim as I take high precautions such as freezing my clothes when I first get in and dancing in the sink before I leave my work so as to not bring any home. She informed me I was the only one on my floor to have them (which after speaking to people on my floor I know that this is an out right lie). She will not let me break my lease but I will fight it.

Due to my own serious phobias I have lost well over $3000 in the past year after having thrown everything out and having to replace everything just to lose it again. Above that is the serious amount of work that I've had to put in to prep my place for a spray and of course the aftermath.

Do not move here. Management will lie to you. Yes they will have your place sprayed but bed bugs just travel to adjoining units. Management will always try and place the blame on you and think that you are a dirty person.

see full report...

I live here in this biuilding on 16th floor and I do not have any bed bugs in my apartment , very rare we can find roaches. The problem is that many poeople are moving from this buildnig in from other buildings, in that way bed bugs are moving, so this is the problem not only of this mamnagement but , all of us , we have to fight together, with little insect. City of Toronto should support buildings owners and tenants in this war.I have a lot of friends in New York City , situation there is eve

n worst.
I think this is the right time to fight together with bed bugs, clean apartments in regular way,study inforamtion how to fight with insects, buy steamers, inform management if you see any strange insect.

see full report...

I am currently living at The Crossways . Had bed bug issues since the 2nd week we moved in, but found out about a month or so ago. We thought it was the Toronto water (we moved from out of town), but came across this website and put the two together. We have got the apartment sprayed twice, did not do anything. We now have cockroaches in our apartment. Trying to get out of our lease. Also had my window smashed in my car in the 'secure' underground parking.

Don't move here.

19th Floor bed bugs...they did nothing! They sprayed once. Cockroaches everywhere! Bins upon bins of disgarded INFESTED furnature in the back.


I am a previous tenant that lived on the 20th floor near elevator. The apartments around garbage and elevator have had so many people moving out and in in the last year at least 7 people have moved out before I even did. I have a baby and my new born child was being bitten also my partner and I. A lot of the people in this building are immigrants as I am we were not familiar with laws protecting tenants. Due to this Management Office people here told me and my partner that I would have to move a

ll the stuff from my apt out put in storage and pay 100$ to get them to treat my bus issue. I was so upset the expenses would be so much. Calling Toronto Board of Health will do you nothing, they told me that the owner of the building is a LAWYER!!! And that they do not consider cockroach or bed bugs a health issue it is a NUISANCE I called my MP MPP city councilor no one wants to take this issue on and I got a polite sorry nothing we can do. I finally called Parkdale Legal Clinic and they told me to call the Ontario Rental Tribunal and I was told by the clerk that the actions of the building are totally illegal you do NOT have to pay any money that is their job under law or move your stuff etc I was told this is their tactic to just get rid of you out of the building to make your life so difficult you just move out and they can fool the next tenant. The clerk at the Tribunal told me to come get two forms because I can get out of my lease early due to health issue and neglect of building to protect my baby or our health. When I called back office to tell them that they were so rude and eventually had to come spray it for free.. I posted a letter near elevator to warn people about this and so many tenant on 20 th floor knock on my door complaining about these little rust brown bettle (bed bugs)and cockroaches my neighbour amongst others moved out also. They are supposed to warn the whole floor I was told and spray all building or whole building many buildings did this in Toronto because the problem doesn`t go away because the bugs just move and then come back thru walls pipes or under YOUR FRONT DOOR. We placed carpet tape under door from hallway and every morning would be tons of bugs on it.

see full report...

If you think this is all a 'new' problem that mgmt are 'surprised' about.. forget it.
I lived at 2360 from 1993 to 1996 - major roach problem in 1996 which is what made me leave. Bedbugs were not an issue then, as they are now.. but the roaches were there! Don't expect any assistance to get rid of the bedbugs as they are harder to get rid of over the roaches.. so if the roaches are still there from at least 14 years ago... you do the math.

Yes, there are bed bugs and roaches in the crossways. Disgusting building with 'low income trash' type people who live in the building.

Don't move here.

Just a warning to anyone who is considering moving to the Crossways Apartments. It is infested with roaches and there are also problems with bed bugs.
If you ask the rental office if there have been any problems with roaches or bed bugs THEY WILL LIE TO YOU AND TELL YOU NO!

Don't believe them, and don't move here...this building is a dump and just behind is a low income housing co-op. Don't try to save a few dollars and move to this shit hole. You're better off moving a couple blocks west to

high park area.

see full report...

I live on the 19th floor at 2360 Dundas Street West.
I can definitely confirm that there is a roach infestation in the building. I've seen roaches in my unit, in the elevators, in the restaurants downstairs, and in the CIBC bank.

Recently we've been waking up with itchy welts which seemed to be insect bites. We've discovered today that these 'bites' were due to bed bugs being present in our unit. This morning we woke up due to itchiness caused by new bites and upon examination of our bed,

we saw bed bugs. We reported this to management and today being a Saturday, I was told that I would be contacted on Monday. I will post again to provide an update as to how management responded. What pisses me off is the fact that prior to moving to the Crossways, I was told by the rental office (chinese lady) that there were absolutely no roaches in the building. I would not be having these problems if they were honest with me.

As for living at the Crossways, I strongly advise against it. In addition to the roach and bed bug problem, the management team are a bunch of pricks and many of the floors have a weird pungent smell. This building is a 'ghetto' and I completely regret moving here.


see full report...

I just hope none of you are paying for your fumigations. I moved to the 18th floor in May 2010. I also found a black round bug in the bathroom sink. I had never seeen it before but was just thankful it wasn't a cockroach. After a few days I got rashlike things on my arms that I thought ws due to an unknown dietary issue. I never related the rash/bites to the bug I saw in the sink. When I looked online and saw it was bedbugs, I freaked! I went downstairs to speak with management about sprayi

ng and they told me I had to pay $100 for the two visits. I told the female at the front, I didn't think I should be responsible becuase it's not like I own the unit, I'm just a renter. I went to the City of Toronto office downstairs where I was informed that I wouldn't have to pay. I went back to
her and demanded that they spray and that I just came back from the office and I'm not paying. She siad she wasn't sure when the guy was coming in for sure. Useless!!!! anyway, they sprayed and I think it slowed them down, but if the neighbours have them, they'll just come back. I bought vinyl mattress covers and that has helped me out immensely!!!and put double sided carpet tape around my bed legs. Because I think at this point they're in the mattress. I'm going to buy DE and sprinkle it around the apartment and in my sofa bed(where I have also been bitten). that's the next step. "Jen" I understand how you're feeling. I hope everything is better, which i doubt because I live here too.. :)

see full report...

Jen - Go to www.bedbugger.com - It's a forum and there's a link to it from this site in the "About" section.

Read the FAQ's there to inform yourself.

In Ontario, it is fully the responsibility of the landlord to treat bedbugs; the responsibility of the tenant to cooperate and prepare the unit.

Throwing out furniture before inspection is possibly a way of eliminating the evidence, but certainly isn't a treatment.

I'm so miserable to live here..
I just moved in last month to 19th floor and
when I first moved in I found little black flat oval shape bugs in the Bathroom.
I never knew that will cause the big problem..

After a few weeks later I've got a bug bites ALL OVER my body.. So I thought mosquito might did it, but I never seen mosquito in my apartment So perhaps its the black bug that I've seen in the bathroom... so I googled and search how bedbug looks like and found that, that was the BedBu

So, I went down to the office and told them about it and surprisingly she seems like accusing me like I am the dirty person..... ridiculous...
and she told me that they should check the apartment but before anything I have to
get rid of most of my furniture..
So I couldn't just sit and wait for these menagement people..
I throw everything(bed, couch, etc) away before my blood is all sucked off..
and bought a new futon bed for temporary use..
(I bought a steam vacuum, whold bunch of bedbeg spray) I spent lots of money because of this dirty place. I thought problem was solved..
but I still get a bug bites.........
I'm going insane here...........
and I heard its really hard to get rid of it.
I'm so paranoid and can't sleep at all...
I really just want to move out from here
but what about my last month fee....
I just hate the menagement here and the place.
Anyone please help me with this.??

see full report...

to the person who lived on the 20th floor of 2360 could you please let me know if you are still living here as i am and worried i might have these as well but do not know and would like to contact you to protect myself

Lived on the lower floors for just over a year. This place is infested with cockroaches and when you inform management, they'll ask you if you want your unit treated. Upon entering your unit, they'll look for ways to blame you for the problem as their way of getting back at you for "bothering" them. Don't move here. Mafia management!!

I found the site while researching another building and was surprised to see pest reports for 2350/2360 Dundas St. W. I have lived in both buldings, first a bachelor in 2350 then a 1 bdrm in 2360. I have lived in this complex (The Crossways) for 3 years now and have never seen a single roach or bedbug.

2360 twentieth floor. Terrible roach problem. Terrible bed bug problem.
Never move in here, I'm getting out immediately.

I've lived on the 15th floor of 2360 since January 2010, and had no problems with bedbugs or roaches. I love it here, I swim & sauna every day. Management has been very responsive to small repair requests (leaky sink etc) and always come the same day to fix it.

I moved out just over a year ago after finding that I had a bedbug infestation. The management was unresponsive as they are about most matters, but after consulting the Toronto Health Board, I found out that there had been numerous complaints regarding the bedbug matter in the building. I moved out as soon as I could, after discarding all of my furniture and sleeping on an air mattress for the last 2 months.
I know it's been a year but I would still recommend checking that place out. It's a bi

g building and not well maintained when it comes to pests and wouldn't be surprised if there are still bedbugs lurking around.

see full report...

I lived in 2360 for a long time. Management would ask if you wanted to be sprayed which meant emptying closets and moving everything to the center of the room. This is almost as much work as moving. Most people didn't because disposal rooms were never kept clean or even sprayed weekly (every week). Also beware of the 4th floor , there are incredible odors on that floor. If your there something is wrong. Bed bugs ?? The roachs probably are eating them.

This apt building, as well as 2350 most definitely has roaches. I have 10-12 dead ones in my bathroom as we speak.

Management is terrible about it, too.

I've lived in both buildings. I do not recommend 'em to anyone...and will be moving out ASAP.

The bedbugs, I haven't seen...yet, but I don't doubt their presence.

As George Benson says, "Yes, this is the ghetto."

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