2350 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6P

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if any see the anonymous fuck guy in the building he fucking change the lock advise do not call 311 call 911 because he go to jail stupid liek mother fuck i am so fuck angry i put bedbug down u fucking like throat

everybody know this fucking anonymous guy is the ones who works in the offic downstair he fuck my lock cost me cash day off work fuck u anonymous i know u is the on who work downsair in the offic

To myung-ho song call the landlord and tenant board at (416) 645-8080 they can help you with who to call. Or call 311 and ask to speak with the health department. Hope this helps and good luck.

the bugbug eat us alive over here can somebodee please helps??

thank u i and wife from the korea and not know where to get tenant right to be enforce

My roommate and I moved in last summer and we both are leaving once our lease is up. This building is disgusting and management is awful. There is literally only one woman in that management office that has gone out of her way to help (after my roommate broke down crying because she was at her wit's end) and the rest of them are rude and don't care about anyone who lives there. Maintenance requests are left unanswered, the elevators are unsafe and break all the time (not to mention are FILTHY an

d smell of urine). Nobody should ever have to feel on edge in their own home with bugs running around, and no one should ever have to feel helpless when speaking to their landlord about trying to fix the problem. They all get to go home to their houses/apartments at the end of the night but I guarantee you if they arrived home to the scene my roommate and I (not to mention countless other tenants) had to deal with they wouldn't have such a lazy and careless approach to cleaning out this infested building.

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Shut up Francesco. Your so full of shit! Even having 1 cockroach lingering still speaks for itself. It's funny how they spend so much money doing renovations in the mall, to "attract" but they couldn't give a flying f*ck for tentents who live in the building. The building sucks, the superindentant is horrendous and may I say the management does too.

Thank God I moved out of there

Moved in two years ago to a roach infested sh*thole apartment (wasn't the original unit we looked at), management sprayed it but not much else. After caulking & insulating foam everywhere there still are roaches every now and then coming from the hallways & electric outlets... Moving out soon, hopefully.

I cannot stop smiling when I read these reports. This is Toronto and the city if full of bedbugs. Look at the map full of red dots and tell me where can you find a building without them.

You are all blaming the building and the landlord, forgetting that neither of those planted bedbugs in your apartment. You, or some of your neighbours brought them in.

I have been working in this Complex for 16 years, and been living here for 3. In the two apartments that I've lived so far, I've seen 3 roa

ches in 3 years. Not bad! Bedbugs - zero.

And why is that? Because:
a) I don't pick up furniture that has been thrown in the garbage (yes, furniture with roaches and bedbugs that was disposed of and that some of you insist on bringing back into the building);
b) I clean up my apartment and made sure to cover all the points on entry for the pests;
c) I don't buy furniture from places that have a history of bedbugs, like Ikea and other well knows stores;
d) the moment I see one, I call for pest control. I don't wait for months until my apartment is so infested that the bugs start "moving out" to the apartments beside, above and below me.

If you look around you, all you see is people who have no notion of personal hygiene nor Public Health, who insist on throwing garbage onto the floor of the chute rooms, who keep boxes (full of eggs) in their apartments for months or years, who leave their infested furniture and mattresses in the hallways for the Super to pick up, because they are too lazy to bring it down themselves, ect, etc.

So, before you blame the building and the landlord (who by the way spends a fortune every year trying to get rid of something that their tenants brought into the building), blame your neighbours and think about what you have done today to help control the situation.

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There is lots of ockroaches and bedbugs.
so i want to move out as soon as possible.

I have lived at the crossways for 3 years now. I have no problem at all. If you keep your place clean and your neighbours are not dirty and cooking stinky food then all is good. Dirty people are the ones who cause the infestations of roaches and bedbugs, management didn't put them there. I've seen so many dirty people in the building it's not even funny...the elevators smell because of smelly people...

This place ia awful. 9th floor had bed bugs in 2010, and we dealt with it without contacting management a second time. You tell them about the infestations and they say it's normal to have roaches, bed bugs, etc. We got bed bug bites all over our bodies, and it was worse on the face because it looked like acne, but it wasn't acne. When they bite and it they do it in clusters, it can turn into pus and cause an infection that makes it appear like acne. It was horrible. Aside from the bug infestati

ons that are rampant all over the entire 2350 and 2360 suites, management refuses to fix appliances (i.e. refrigerators, stoves) or replace them. When they do replace and/or fix the appliances, they give tenants appliances with wiring that is exposed. The refrigerator we had burned and caused a minor fire while we were not home, and management charged us because of it; they said it was our fault that the refrigerator had wiring sticking out and it caused sparks and the fire. The public health inspectors are probably paid under-the-table and taking bribes, which most likely explains the neglect and oversight of the situations happening with these apartment complexes. Several of the tenants we have spoken with have young children who have been bitten by bugs; additionally, the bugs lay their eggs under the skin and caused severe inflammation that resulted in hospitalization of the infants. It's truly a shock that these issues have not been addressed...not to mention how pathetic it is to have a Toronto Public Health office in the mall. Hey city of Toronto, don't create laws, by-laws, rules and regulations, and acts if they're not being properly followed. I bet the food places here are also serving roaches and other bugs. I saw roaches coming out of the Mister Yummy eatery; the roaches were on the cashier counter!

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Unfortunately I've been "living" here for a decade and obviously gained friends and neighbors who've lived her for almost 40 to 50 decades. First off thees building have always been & still is infested with bed bugs, roaches & rats. Need I mention the building management will not rectify the problems properly. Even if a tenant such as myself has put in around $500.00 out of my own pocket. I recommend to anyone in search of an apartment complex that is at least clean & un-infested. This is not th

e building to waste your time and especially money on. These 3 buildings are nothing more than complete wastes.

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became itchy got splotches on my legs saw the bugs looked them up online and they are identical to bed bugs,roaches every f===king place, fuck this place,management so fucking bad and rude,hate helena Russian hoooo

This building is infested with bedbugs,and the management will not do a thing about it also some of the tenants are in denial about this so the bedbug problem will only escalate there is also ,drug dealers, in this building do not move there the bedbugs will get you.

All of the problems listed by the other posters have been around since at least 2002, including the roaches, bugs, breakins, crumbling state of the complex, rude/offensive and unhelpful management. This is nothing new for this place. I'm surprised the place is still occupied and standing. If you can help it, save yourself the trouble and avoid this place at all costs.

I lived there for 9 years and moved out in 2004 and I had cockroaches controlled with sweeping Borax powder in every wall and caulked all the doors and holes and had sticky traps just in case and only saw about 4 in the 9 years I lived there.

I'm glad I got out before the bed bugs moved in. Whoever said they need to shut the place down for a week and thoroughly steam and fumigate to get rid of these bb. Please contact your Parkdale Counselor and MPP and Mayor to let them know what you're liv

ing through.

Cover your bed mattresses with protective covers found on the Shopping Channel and has reasonably priced sheets and covers even for pillows and Bed bug powder. You can use an Ultraviolet light machine to do your beds regular and less than $50. there also. I lived on the 4th floor at 2350 and was upset to hear about bedbugs I would never move back!

I also saw bed bug stilts where the bugs can't climb up on the bed and keep the bed away from the wall. Terrible to live through that. :(

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Bed bugs are coming up from the baseboards and its disgusting. I believe they fumigated my two neighbouring apartments and all the bed bugs came over to my apartment via cracks behind the base boards.

Management doesn't properly treat the problem. They need to seal everything in the building top to bottom and then fumigate the whole building at once. They are much to cheap to attempt this and this when apartments fumigate the bugs just run to the next apartment not being fumigated to find


We decided to treat the problem ourselves due to severely rude management(big mean management dude). Glad to say we have not seen a bed bug in two weeks and continually treat daily with several preventatives. We have also sealed off our apartment with cocking and making sure all cracks are sealed off. We do not want bed bugs again. We went to the extreme of throwing out much of our stuff but honestly I felt it a necessity. I could not stand the thought of bb living in my furnature even if I did steam it all in high heat.

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i am living in 18th floor at 2350,on august 18th,we got a noticed in suite check up by inspector,i then got 2 lined bites(3-4 bites for each lines) at friday night.we catched and killed the small monster at saturday night and i have 7 grouped bites on my body

August 2011,
I have lived at 2360 and 2350 Dundas St west. In 2360, my gf and I were infested with bed bugs, she had bites every morning all over her arms to the point where she had to take time off of work so co-workers wouldn't see. Management was extremely unhelpful and uncooperative in trying to aid in our situation. They charged us for using a different company to spary. The reason we chose a different company is because their company sprayed 2 times before and it did nothing. In 2350

, we had to live with cock roaches for the entire year. Absolutely philthy disgusting building. The worst management I have ever dealt with in my entire life, almost to the point where they went out of their way to be prixs about everything. Elevators are always broken, there is always garbage or urine in the elevators, bed bugs and cock roaches everywhere, my car was broken into in the underground parking lot and I was not the only one. There is usually between 4-5 fire alarms pulled every month along with water being shut down every month for an entire day. Worst living experience of my life. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING

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I have lived in this building for 2 years and I'm happy to have moved out at the end of my agreement. The whole complex (2340, 2350 and 2360 Dundas St. W.) is infested with cockroaches and bedbugs.

I can confirm there are cockroaches on several units in the 23rd floor. On a usual night, I would kill over 20 of them in the kitchen only! I have pictures and videos to prove that, in case anyone doubts it. There were always cockroaches over the counter, behind the stove, fridge, inside the cupboa

rds, everywhere!

I cleaned the apartment periodically, kept no food or water outside of sealed containers, and still had roaches coming during the day and night. I was so disgusted that I stopped buying food and cooking at home and would only eat outside.

Bathrooms were full of roaches as well. I'd wake up in the middle of the night just to find many of them around the sink, in the bathtub and on the floor.

Pest control comes once a week on Thursdays, and you can choose between a gel or spray application. I had my unit sprayed over 10 times. Roaches disappear for 2-3 days, then come back. You have to wait another week to get it sprayed again (and, of course, remove all items from the kitchen/bathroom/storage areas, pull your stove and fridge from the wall).

As I am aware, most tenants do not care about the precarious condition of their units, and management blames them for not being able to take care of this problem. Management knows that most of their units are infected but will not treat them if the tenant doesn't request so, even though this is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.

They should schedule a complete building pest inspection and removal, but they do not seem to care that their property is rotten and falling apart.

I have friends living in two other floors in this building (2350) and two living in the 2360, and they all have problems with cockroaches in varying degrees. One of them had cockroaches climbing onto his bed (a bachelor unit) and another found a cockroach nest behind her fridge!

I have never seen a bedbug in my unit, however, I have talked to neighbours and am aware that there were multiple units in the building with bedbug problems as of June 2011.

One of the neighbours I talked to in the laundry room was bitten multiple times and, at that time, was still having problems with bedbugs.

As you can see, despite the great price and location (close to the TTC, Go Transit, supermarkets), I would never recommend this building to anyone. Beware of their problems, the building's decay, and do not get into a fixed-term contract!

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I lived there over 2 years, and it was pure hell. The bitch of the landlord Rica Crecco and Luigi Di Geso knew all along the the apartment was infested and still rented it out to me. I was eaten alive, and had to throw out my belongings. They even had the nerve to charge me for having my place sprayed, saying it was I that brought them in. Bull shit. The rental agent is also a very good liar, they never once told me about the infested apartment. All they did was have the apt cleaned and painted,

big deal. If anyone is going to rent from there, beware, you will be biten

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Jun 2010 until we moved out in December.

I was bitten repeatedly, I would wake up with 10 to 20 new bites daily. We had the place fumigated 3 times but there was no getting rid of the bugs. The bitch landlord also refused to pay for any of the treatments saying that it is not her responsibility and we should find a less expensive way to handle it.

I threw out all my furniture, put all my clothes in the freezer for a month and got the hell out of there!

There were bedbugs found in March 2010, in the apartment on the 12th floor. The family residing there notified management, and they tried to exterminate them by spraying. After a few unsuccessful tries, the family has moved out, and now the apartment is being rented.

12th floor has them

October 5th 2010 to November 24th 2010

I stayed in 2350 Dundas Street West @ 25th floor were I saw a large number of bedbugs all around and it has bitten me all over. And I'm moving out.

My relatives place, bedbugs, lots of them 1 month ago, problem has been resolved with heavy doses of poison.

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