2340 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6P

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i didn't move into this buildling thanks to the reviews on MY HOOD and this site.
please, will someone report the infestations to the City and an inspector will come and FORCE THESE SLUMLORDS TO HIRE someone to spray the building. It's a shame that people can't move into a location where they want due to horrible management who gets away with it. What has become of Toronto?????????

I moved in to this building its "Bed Bug Roach Heaven".

This place is infested with cockroaches....you can even spot them walking in the hallways when you wait for the elevator! Management does nothing...they say that nothing is guaranteed and there are no bugs when you moved in. Management also state that many tenants are refusing to spray, which means that this problem will continue for eternity.....NEVER sign a lease here!!! This is really taking advantage of the tenants. This place should be shut down.


I'm interested in moving into these apartments, and I was wondering if the problem has been solved with the bugs?

Thank you for your help!

i gots the bugs

This facility is infested with bedbugs and cockroaches. Management does little, other than lay blame to the innocent tenants who live in the two adjoining residential buildings.

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