22 Oakmount Rd
Toronto, ON M6P

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we are moving sept 26th I'll let you know!

Hi to the person you wrote about the bedbugs are there also cockroaches in this building too? Thanks

I grabbed a piece of furniture someone left outside as they were moving out because it looked nice and clean. I even wiped it down when I got home and saw nothing to be concerned about. Walked back into my room not even an hour later and the furniture was crawling with bedbugs. At least a dozen babies and adults. Don't know where in the building the furniture came from but there's definitely bedbugs in that apartment building somewhere!! Goes to show you just can't find good clean furniture on t

he curb anymore.

see full report...

Hi I wanted to move into this place does anyone know if they have bedbugs or cockroaches? Or any problems? We have a six year old son and don't want to move there if they have problems. Thanks in advance.

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