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No bed bugs in our residence at 20 Gothic Ave. Moved in and living here since 2010. really need proof from someone here that there are bed bugs in the building. seriously.

Yeah, right...have you seen the re-sale prices for this building ? Good if such a rumour keeps the TRASH people away from this building !

Lies...have live here from the beginning. This is a great building. Note how high the units go in re-sale. No Bed bugs.

I've been looking at units at 20 Gothic for a while and have only stumbled upon this site lately. I haven't asked my real estate agent about it but it would be huge issue in terms of whether I would consider purchasing a unit here. I think I would ask the seller to provide a letter from the building management documenting any and all instances that they've encountered regarding bedbugs and bedbug complaints. If there haven't been any problems then that shouldn't be an issue. If they misrepresent

the situation, I'd have legal grounds to seek compensation should my property value drop as a result.

If I were a resident, I'd encourage the Board and/or the management to respond to the accusations made on this message board. After all, anonymous residents making claims is just as unhelpful because they actually have something to loose. As of today there are 9 units for sale in the building, which seems a bit high to me, and some of the prices have dropped since they were initially posted. So the sooner someone of authority clarifies the situation, the better, otherwise people will be prone to think the worst.

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To the general public reading this:
I've lived in this building since it was constructed. I've never seen a bedbug, I haven't heard any of my fellow residents complain about bed bugs, nobody has raised the issues of bed bugs in the building's internal website and nobody has complained about bed bugs in the condo board meetings.

It seems quite likely that these bed bug complaints are malicious attempts to hurt the building's reputation. (Or possibly some odd attempt to affect the building'

s pet policy.)

This is a building with very few renters, so think about it. If you owned a condo that had bed bug problems, why would you broadcast that problem to the entire internet before reporting it to your own condo board? You're only lowering the value of your own condo.

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Don't blame the dogs (and why just big ones? small ones can also have fleas). I don't think bedbugs mostly reside in the grass or bushes in a big city like this, there are plenty of people to bite. It is probably mostly PEOPLE who bring these in from the subway or in their furniture when they move from another place.

To Itchy & Scratchy - if they are jumping then they're not bedbugs. If they are moving from you to an animal, then they're not bedbugs. Sounds to me like fleas. Make sure you properly identify before treating because different bugs require different methods of treatment.

If it is fleas, feel lucky, because they are a lot easier to treat.

It sounds like dirty residents and large dogs are tracking bedbugs throughout the whole building. I am very clean and never had these issues till I moved into this building that I thought was supposed to be pet and free of fleas and bedbugs. I have had to use all sorts of crazy chemicals to get rid of them. I told management to tell everyone anonymously, as I find this embarassing even though all you other people brought them here. I do hope they tell people because their bites are very itch

y and now I have rashes all over me. I would not have let this go so long, but I thought it was dry skin because of the winter, until I noticed several of the bugs and one jumping off me and on to a dog in the elevator. Maybe they will hitch rides out of here on their own with the dogs they came in with. I can only hope. I am now afraid to leave my suite.

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this is for "no bugs man"
when you mention that management took care of it and gave you the name of a pest control. did they also advise the units on both sides, above and below you that their units should be checked and sprayed?
the reason I ask is that my wife is a hotel inspector for a large company and this is the common procedure for ANY signs of bed bugs. They travel so fast that by the time you have noticed they are in your unit, they have already infested other units as well.


if management were so concerned about us they would have put out a notice that this has happened at 20 Gothic so we could all be aware.

I for one haven't heard anything except for now.

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To anyone who has seen or encountered bedbugs at 20 Gothic:
My wife and I live in the building and are becoming increasingly concerned with the bug stories and management's lack of response. Management in this building is terrible to begin with and if they are trying to conceal another problem (flooring and noise complaints) then it would be a great help to know who is complaining. Please post what unit you live in or at least what floor you are on so that the board of directors can be forced t

o take action.

Thank you

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Yesterday I was in the elevator with one of the other residents in the building and saw a bedbug crawling around the collar of his shirt. I was very alarmed to see this and to see the other reports on this site of all the bedbugs in the building. If this continues I will be selling my unit and hoping to recoup my initial investment in this poorly maintained den of pests.

I think it is the large dogs in the building bringing in the fleas and ticks, which are bad enough. Then the other day I saw several bed bugs crawling across my sheets. This building is really going downhill with all the large dogs damaging things and bringing diseases everywhere.

Last week I was having a nap and I looked on my pillow and I saw two large bedbugs, red and filled with my blood. Now I can no longer even sleep in my room, as I think the matress is totally infested. I saw them crawling all over a chair in my bedroom and I threw it in the hall until I could take it to the garbage. I told management, but they suggested that we 'quietly' deal with the problem, but I just wanted everyone to know.

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