174 High Park Ave
Toronto, ON M6P

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In reference to the above noted posting. There was an issue with unit #9. The problem was quickly and effectively dealt with. The poster still wished to vacate the unit. First and last months rent was fully refunded. The unit has been occupied by the same tenant since 2013 and continues to be free and clear of any bugs.

January 2013, moved in to small apartment within this house.
The first night I spent there, there was a fine powder all over the floor, which I know now was diamateceous earth, but at the time I thought was sanding dust.

Landlord told me that there were no vermin to worry about. Within 1 week I saw bed bugs crawling on the walls, along with cockroaches, and other bugs.

He made no real effort to control the problem, he sprayed around my door with toxic, unregulated chemicals, and didn't

offer any real solution, other than chemical sprays, and ozone, which wouldn't work properly under the circumstances.

He doesn't make you sign any kind of tenant's agreement, or landlord principles, so there wasn't any kind of code or procedure for him to legally follow. I lost money on this whole nightmare, and I wish I had never met him or been to that place.

Live and learn, I guess! But stay away from this place!

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