1369 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6P
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

Found 12 reports:

I lived in 1369 from Sept 2014 - Aug 2015 on the 13th floor. Never saw a bed bug or cockroach. 1369 is a lovely building and I was sad to move out - however, although we loved the building, my roommate and I found our landlord very unreliable and unprofessional. A friend of mine has been living in the building on the 11th floor for a few years and has also never had any problems. The common areas in the building are clean, the elevators are fast, and everyone is very friendly. I highly recommend

living here.

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Thanks for pointing out the damage that this can have to someone's property values. Absolutely I am concerned about the impact both financially and emotionally of someone illegally slandering my home and insinuating that there is a bed bug infestation when there is not, nor has there ever been.

There are laws that protect the residents and owners of 1369 Bloor and simply choosing to slander under 'anon' does not remove your legal responsibility nor the site owners to provide it for the purpos

es of pursuing said legal recourse.

All that being said - BeBloor still remains bed bug free - and the only time the office is forced to discuss this unpleasant matter is when someone stumbles upon the slander on this site.

So post with caution :) Happy New Year!

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if you are confident like some of these other people please post your floor that way others can keep an eye out within the building should this be true. Its only fair as they dont stay within your unit.

Call your lawyer and a pest control company. Speak to building management.

I recently bought a unit here at 1369 and was horrified the morning after my first night at the horid red marks all over my body. My doctor confirmed that they were bed bugs!

I don't know what to do. I am currently staying at my mom's.

i moved from 1369 Bloor at west my unit was infected for bedbugs... lot of things has been hide in there to make the place nice to live... sorry but i heard about breaks in 2 units and for last the underground parking sorry but the place is Toooooooo expensive for zero of securityand more.. september 29. 2010

All these claims of bedbugs are invalid, property management doesn't know of any units that have run into the problem.

I suspect the issue is someone went to no frills, bought some flour and found a beetle in it and thinks that's a bedbug somehow.

Almost only dirty people attract bugs, so maybe the person posting is a dirty dirty.

Soap is on sale at Loblaws people! I suggest using it!

The building backs on to Merchant Lane.
The back entrance is OFF Merchant Lane.

Ask management, see if you can get a straight answer.

Funny the person at "merchant lane" doesn't even know the # and street name ( ie. Bloor) of where they supposedly live.

Also, if you look up "Merchant Ln" you will find ANOTHER claim of bedbugs @ 1369. 7th floor.

Actually, I am a previous owner and recall someone on our forum indicating they had bugs, about a year and a half ago.
He went on to say they were CONFIRMED as bedbugs by a pest control company.

While the building isn't by any means infested, you can't declare these previous postings are unfounded.

Previous poster, it has NOTHING to do with 1369 being a condo or a hotel. Do some research on bedbugs - ANYONE can get them.

Both of these postings are fraudulent and there is no record of the individuals who have posted having lived in 1369 Bloor St. W. or the infestations they claim to have encountered.

This is a private residence, not a hotel.

Every attempt to contact the owner of this website to have these fraudulent claims removed has been ignored. Be wary of any information you find in these pages, since they are not monitored or verified.

If you require any clarification on this building, please feel

free to contact the BeBloor Board of Directors: board [at] bebloor.ca

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