120 Perth Ave
Toronto, ON M6P

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Lived there for a bit, till the building super began letting anyone to live there. It became a horrible place where people littered, left garbage out in front of their doors, throwing parties well into the night, and generally lewd and "thugish" behaviour to be seen everywhere.

They would damage areas around the building, use the stair wells as their personal garbage dumps, and made the building feel unsafe.

To deal with what we thought were bed bugs, we had to hire our own exterminator

to deal with the bedbugs. Thankfully it was limited to one bed and wasn't anything serious. Had we left it in the super's hands, I doubt it would have been dealt with accordingly, or on time.

The super herself seems to be rather indifferent to what happens and is generally aloof.

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This building is infested with bedbugs and the super's and management will not do a thing about it also some of the tenants are in denial about this so the bedbug problem will only escalate there is also ,drug dealers in this building do not move there the bedbugs will get you.

I am curious as to what Unit(s)/apartment number(s) the previous poster had the bed bugs in...? It is possible that other tenants don't know and should find out. Also, maybe if other people see it for rent, they might find out about this post. Thank you.

Lived in that Co-Op Building for a year. Between the drug dealing and Bed bugs and Cockroaches I don't know what was worst. After repeated complaints with no results the Manager labeled me a "A Trouble maker". Rather deal with the constant drama I decided to move. I advise anyone who is looking to join a CO-OP stay away from this place it is a very Toxic environment.

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