100 High Park Ave
Toronto, ON M6P

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Hi does anyone know if 111 Pacific have any bedbugs or cockroaches? Thanks

I am a tenant of 100 High Park Ave.

As of 2015, ... 100 High Park Ave., still has Bed Bugs.

@ anonymous 1/25 below:

I should think that people that would read a bed bug report for where you live and then hold it against you are very small minded and even unkind individuals.

Having bed bugs does not mean you are dirty and the chances of bringing them into your work place is slim.

I hope you have found some peace over this issue - the last thing you need is this kind of stress.

Tell people to get a life and look up something else when they are bored and carry on with your beautiful life.

I moved in about a year ago and not once have i personally had a problem with bedbugs.However what i have a problem with co-workers looking up my address and then being label the lady who lives in the building with bedbugs.The next thing i know is that my employer inquireing about pest control for the work place to look for bedbugs. Now if there actually is a problem with using used household items, please stop doing it.If there was a problem that was reported to management and it ha

s since been treated please report that because the previous feed is from 2008 and it is now 2010.I have been embarrass at work time and time again about bedbugs that has never been in my apartment.It is unfair for me to suffer wounds for which i am not guilty for.

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I am the Tenant Representative at this building. It is a Toronto Community Housing Corporation property and we have been battling bedbugs for as long as I can remember but the past few years have been the worst. We have many tenants who transfer here from shelter's and often arrive with no belongings. One of our tenants received a mattress through Sleep Country's program wherein used beds are donated to those in need. The mattress had bedbugs. Removing the mattress to the garbage room with no co

vering just spread them throughout hallways and elevators - all common areas. Management needs to take a more pro-active approach to those who drag garbage into the building such as mattresses, couches, chairs, etc. It puts us all at risk. We have a camera in the move out room that would allow them to see the person responsible for leaving it inside. We even have three or four repeat offenders that basically use our garbage compound as a shopping mall and they are known to staff. Our previous cleaner used to ruin whatever was left with a knife in order to discourage people from dragging it back in. We've asked on several occasions for the entire building to be treated but we are told it is against people's rights to force them into having their units treated. That is ridiculous. Preventive measures are needed as is educating people on this problem.

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