797 Jane St
Toronto, ON M6N

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I have been living in the building for about a year now and after 5 months of moving in I was already looking for a new place. This building is INFESTED with roaches, and mice. Completely disgusting!!! The elevators are ALWAYS dirty and the hallways smell!!! stay away from this building!!!

The previous post says it all. I have also lived here for about 5 years and the condition of the buiding is absolutely disgusting. I have been told that there are in fact bedbugs on te 4th, 5th, and 6th floor of this building. I am currently looking for a new place to live as I can no longer handle the bedbugs, cockroches as well as mice. My cat has caught numerous mice in the time that I have been living here and it is just unacceptable. I also advice everyone to stay away from this building.

After 5 years of residing in this building I have finally had enough. The condition of the apartment building over the course of time I have been living here, has essentially gone down the drain. I have received three notices stating that there is bedbugs in the building and they would like access to my unit for preventative treatment. The dates of these notices are October 29th, November 9th, and November the 17th 2010. There are cockroaches and mice in the building as well. People throw dead m

ice off their balconies. The cockroaches are so bad in the building that they are literally crawling in the hallways, stairways and even elevators. The cleanliness of the building is at the lowest standard as there is frequently urine and vomit in the common areas of the building (IE: elevators, stairways, hallways). The superintendant's dog uses the building's back lawn as it's personal washroom and is not cleaned up after. Since living here the underground parking has been broken into numerous times as well as the outdoor parking area and vehicles have been damaged. Personal property from the vehicles has been stolen.
The owners are extremely uncooperative and arrogant to the tenants as well. This is not a decent residence and I would not advise anyone to move in here.

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