777 Jane St
Toronto, ON M6N

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A couple weeks ago i contacted the office to have someone come and gel for cockroaches and the pest control company never showed up for some reason and the office told me that they would contact us... Then yesterday i got a call from my security system company stating my alarm for front door was going off and i called the office to see and the lady told me it was her that went in with the pest control company to put gel... She never gave us 24 hour notice to enter which she is suppose to under t

he act..

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We are living at this address for at least 2 years and we have an infestation of cockroaches.We have reported this so many times and the landlord didn't do anything about it.This building is very dirty,nobody cleans and there is a pile of garbage on the back.I suggest that nobody comes here.

March 31, 2008 Someone disclosed that they had bedbugs at their apartment on the eighth floor.

They had observable bites and stated this was not new. They have had problems for at least 1.5 years - maybe longer and have replaced their belongings.

The landlord reportedly does not take responsibility for removing bedbugs

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