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The pest control situation at Woolner Ave is finally getting dealt with. Hallelujah!
Thank you Tivoli Towers for giving the neighborhood a much needed facelift!

Hello. I am a Tivoli Towers tenant at 239 Woolner Ave. I have over the years had some roaches in my apt but since the new owners took over, the problem has been controlled.
The managers Are really concerned with us feeling like we live in a beautiful clean place.
I just read the write up above and have to chime in about the implication that Mr Manuel and Mrs Maria discriminate against tenants who are not Portuguese.. You should be ashamed of yourself for implying that! I am from the West Indie

s and I have never been treated with as much care, respect and dignity as I have from the managers here at the building. If you feel discriminated against, my guess is its because you're probably not intelligent; not because you're not Portuguese!
Keep your apartment cleAn, quit complaining like a juvenile delinquent and if you are still not happy, I DARE you to find a nice place to live.
Good luck.

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I've lived in the buildings at 220 & 230 Woolner Ave since Oct 2011, I have never had roaches, ants, bed bugs, or mice until last year.

I now have roaches, ants, and mice, I'm a very clean person, I hate filth, I hate dirt, I make dinner each night and do my dishes each night immediately after, my bathroom is spotless, my floors and rugs are cleaned each week by myself, I never leave garbage inside my unit.

I've brought my concerns up with the Management at Tivoli Towers. The first time I

brought the mice problem I had up with them, they didn't believe me so I caught one of them and brought it down to them to show them in the office, they handed me some sticky paper and said "This will fix your problem" to this date I have caught 21 mice in my apartment none of which were caught with their sticky paper they handed me.

I have a roach problem because they moved someone from 220 Woolner Ave next to my unit of which I know for a fact had roaches, didn't spray the unit before hand, didn't take any kind of preventative measures, just moved them in and BAM! next month I started seeing roaches running around in my kitchen (Only shared wall), I asked them for a Gel and Dust, took them a month to get someone (Magical Pest Control) to come into my unit. Now...my ant problem...this has been going on since about the summer of 2014 (The summer after the building came under new management)

I live on an upper floor, and as I've said I have a very clean apartment, and very clean habits, to my surprise, last summer (and starting again this summer) i started to see ants in my living room, never had them before, have never had them in any apartment building I've ever lived with, I again brought my concern up with management, but just like the mice I have in my apartment they didn't believe me despite the fact that I have showed their staff in the past.

I've paid out of my own pocket to put down ant and mice traps, but to this day I still have mice, ants and the odd cockroach in my apartment and yet next to nothing (Outside of one gel and dust) management has done nothing, if it wasn't for the fact that he's making the halls, and lobby look new, renovating apartments, and re-did the underground (Due to two car fires) these buildings are still the same from the day I've moved in to my current time here, you can dress a turd up in a tuxedo but it's still a turd underneath.

My dealings with management have been the worst, they talk down to me and my wife, when we are coming in to pay rent, it takes them weeks to get work orders done (Had a clogged toilet for almost 3 weeks) and I've found out speaking with other older tenants that the owners (Of which sit in the office all day) are racist against certain types of people (Basically everyone that isn't Brazilian or Portuguese). If you know of the group called Acorn Canada (https://www.acorncanada.org/toronto) They are currently holding meetings, and are trying to bring things to light about the owners.

I'm currently actively look for other places to live, but as to where my wife and I work it is still the best place currently.

My advice? Come live here if you're Brazilian or Portuguese. Anyone else? One good luck getting an appointment to view an apartment (Despite the fact that they have a rather high vacancy) and two, I hope you like Mice because I know people that live on the 2nd floor, and all the way up to the 9th floor that have them.

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We moved into the apartment on an incentive, were told we'd get a new stove/fridge/floors/paint ect. DIDN'T finish renovating when we moved in, nothing new AND we got mites within the first month due to the pigeons. We thought it was bed bugs since we're told they're common but ended up being mites. Absolutely awful staff and people in this neighbourhood. I would advise against a move here.

(Lot's of reports of infestations of bed bugs here)

againg there are so many problems with this building i have wrote a report about 220 woolner which is owned and operated by the same company. I am telling ya if ya move here ya will be very sorry indeed bed bugs roches mice black toxic mould dirty buildings 230 and 220. Management staff is a joke regional manager vanessa is a joke complaints have been sent in to here about the above and she does nothing to help you out belconys missing steel panels nothing done somone is going to get hurt i coul

d go on and on about this company let me tell ya office staff is a joke. The 2 buildings should be torn down i can not belive the things that are wrong with this place and the city of toronto letes them get away with this people i am only telling you for your own safety do not rent in toronto off main street equity you will be very sorry ya did they do nothing at all and you will lose all your stuff do to these problems they also state newly renovated units on there web site lol ya ok that is nothing but a lie trust me.

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