3561 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto, ON M6M

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I have lived at this building since 2010 without a bedbug issue. Many cockroaches but no bedbugs. Last October I noticed my kids and I were getting these bites but thought it couldn't be bedbugs until I found one on the carpet. Horrified ia not the word. Since oct I have been sprayed 5 times and had to throw out most of my things
I think I'm bedbug free now but im sure the problem is a lot larger in the building

I was living with a friend during the whole summer of 2014. During my stay I was constantly being eaten alive by bed bugs. She lived on the eigth floor of this building at the very end of the hallway. You could be eating at the table and see one walk across the table, along with numerous cockroaches. They had carpet flooring so the bed begs infested the floor. I believe they originated from the 170 chalk farm apartments. My friends boyfriend lived there and had an infestation long before this ap

artment. It was disgusting and I am literally traumatized. The kids and myself that lived there would sleep outside on the balcony to avoid getting bitten. Every time I think of them my hold body starts to itch and twitch.

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