25 Martha Eaton Way
Toronto, ON M6M

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I live in this building and planning to move. I had been bitten by the bed bugs. When we move here a year ago. All our stuff that I brought here was new from furnitures, kitchen stuff to bed. everything new but half a year here I got pregnant and I thought I was having a PUPP (its like a rash for preggy woman but rare) that's what the derma told me but i've been through many doctors just to make sure and all of them said its was a bugs bite?? I was like how is that possible doctor? i cleaned our

apartment everyday. wash our sheets, comforter, pillow twice a week and had bedbugs??? i dont not believe anyone of them not until I see the BEDBUGS!!! first it was just one but since my skin is now full of bite marks and scars and ugly all over my body and legs and arms and back. My husband put our bed upside down and closet and wow u wont believe we see that our new beds has full of bugs. My fault was i didnt tell any body even management because of embarrasment not even my parents! and now, cockroach all over the place, washroom kitchen living room and they just spray like summer time and they said we will see some for a few weeks after they spray but eventually it will be gone? And guess what??? ITS NOT! AND IT GOT WORSEEEEE!!! and now, beside of dealing with my skin and dont know what to do because it full of scars, it BUGS me that I cannot sleep that much because of a phobia of bitting me again! to the fact that I recommend this place to some of people I know. It is a nice view, nice space but too much space that even bugs and cockroach lives here...

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Moved in from up north. was being bit had no idea what it was. December found bugs....some bullshit. uNIT IS BEING "TREATED" BY pco I DONT FEEL LIKE THEY ARE THOROUGH. I love my apartment and hate the building. I hate bugs. This is terrible.

there is bed bugs kackoroch rates freaking ugly place

There are bed bugs in this building. Throughout the entire building on different floors. I know of them for sure on the 14 and 17th floors.

Student in my class reports having bed bugs in his room. He has thrown out his bed, however Mom is too embarrased to tell Building Manager about the problem

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