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February 2015 Even with the change of management, the bed bug and the roaches is still the biggest problem in this building,the management now is much much worse than the previous one because used to be when you feel out a maintenance request they will do it right away now it does not work that way, it has to be approve first by the property manager, the bed bugs the pest control company need to do an inspection first even you are telling the super that you have bed bugs they still need to send

someone for inspection and then you have to wait for the schedule it's crazy before they can schedule you for the treatment you already have thousands of bed bugs that you just get from walking on the hallway. If your floor is broken the property manager will come and tell you that it's your fault why your floor is broken so he will charge you, can you believed it wants you to pay for the unit floor that is broken, that's how bad is this new management, they love money but won't do the job right. Vacancy of this building is a lot, I ask the super yesterday because I saw people moving out and she said she has almost 10, you will see it in the add that they're posting, new tenant will only stay here for a year and then leave because they find out. Every time I do my laundry there's always someone there talking about bed bugs one of my neighbor said that the person bellow her has a bed bugs and it's coming to her unit because they're coming from radiator and she can't stop them from coming she has a lot bites it's everywhere, and she's moving out soon she's in a one year contract so she can't break her lease same like me, it is very scary to walk in the hallway because you don't know if you're going to get a bed bug and you can be bringing it in your unit, me and a lot of other tenants is talking about it especially if we gather in the lobby,we are frustrated and we don't want to complain again and again, the management will send the company to treat the unit but it is not working so we are frustrated because we can't keep on asking for the treatment again and again because the preparation for the pest control treatment is so hard and there's 2 treatment and it also cost money on us because we have to wash everything from bedding and put everything in the garbage bag. The problem is the new management they are so cheap to hire a good pest control company, if the other is not doing a good job why not change it, but they love to keep the company especially if the company is cheap, for them as long as they have a document that the unit has been treated it's okay with them they don't care if they fix the problem or not. The other problem is the heat it is very cold in this building. There's always something going on with the water they always shut it off, like last time I was in the middle of a shower next thing you knew the water is off. When you ask the super they will say "oh we have an emergency" or "we need to do some repairs", they just shuts off the water without notice, it's also the same when they're going to your unit they will enter your unit with out proper notice. This is why they don't like it when you have your own lock in your door they require you to provide them a copy. They hire a new super and I talk to the new couple when I requested something to be fix in my unit and I ask them when is it going to be done and they said that it will be done "today" and the guy said "now that I'm the super here I will do everything from plumbing to electrical problem. If I have a choice I will refuse to let him fix it but I let him even it takes him forever to do and he did a bad job but hey I am moving soon so I don't really care if I will have a flood. This is how cheap is this building they don't want to pay for a license trade person they want the super to do everything, this is why things are not done properly and we have problem with a lot of things in this building especially with the heat and water because the management is letting super handle the job to save some money. Stay away from this building it's a nightmare

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In October 2013 Building Management changed hands. Since that time Management with the help of Magical Pest Control have set up a comprehensive Pest control regiment that has seen very successful progress. As of January 2015 there has been no active Bedbug files.
Management is dedicated to addressing tenant's concerns promptly and ensuring our tenants live in a pest-free environment. If you have an issue in your unit, please contact your Superintendent or Property Manager right away.

Oct 2014. They just chase the bugs from one apt to another. The pathways for bugs too travel are not filled in with fine steel wool and foam made for that purpose along water pipe runs. Behind the bathroom mirror there is a long and large space for a pipe run. It runs from the basement (where there are thousands of cockroaches too!) to the top floor. The mirror and incoming hidden pipes are open for bug travel. Same for the electrical systems. Not sprayed at all or filled with bug proof foam. T

he ventilation system has not been cleaned in the 20 years we have lived here and is also is shared with the apt next door so bugs can be chased from one apt too the next one. This system also travels from basement to the roof. The hallways are carpeted and is another highway for them to travel. People throw out furniture because of bugs and others drag it back into the building.There are no signs saying not to bring in furniture from the garbage area. We are moving out!

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Jan 2010 , March 2010 and Nov 2010.

I ened up getting bed bugs and bites almost every day and once they send someone from pest control from Magic. It went away and then it started again in March and now in Nov it started again I needed to throw out my couch and beds. I also needed to wait for another month to get treated again which I know you need to get spray twp weeks later from the first spray. There are also coachers too any them seem to not go away at all even thought they spray for th

e bed bugs.

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Moved out of this building Oct 2008 after building had numerous issues with cockroaches and then notice that several apartments in building had bed bugs...what a nightmare...Met a lady in laundry room that had them in her sons bed off and on and she seemes so non chalant about it..i was so disgusted I immediately gave my notice. The building owners continued to allow more and more sketchy people into the building. Would avoid this building at all costs

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