15 Martha Eaton Way
Toronto, ON M6M

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I knew this building had bedbugs before moving in, but had no choice due to budget. First week here I was mopping one of the bedrooms and found a dead bug. Wasn't sure what it was. Kept it in a bag, but didn't do anything with it. Jan 10- a month later, I found two dead bugs on the wall along with a lot of visual poop on the wall. Going to management immediately tmrw to report this and will update with more info soon.

We lived here in 2012 and yes they definitely have bed bugs. My parents still lives here well because it is cheaper and utilities are included and yes they also have bedbugs. We used to live on same side as my parents few floors above them. It is not a well maintained building. They only maintain the outside features. I won't blame all on the management because some of the people living there are just disgusting. People throwing garbage, dog poop, cartons, etc out of their balcony. It was just h

orrible living there. Don't give yourself a headache.

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My husband found the first adult bed bug Jan.02.15 around 5am crawling on our bathroom wall.
When he told me and showed me; we went nuts inspecting our furniture and apartment space.
Did not find any trace; was not bit.
On Jan.23.15 my arms were really itchy but i didn't see any red spots or bites.
On Jan.26.15 i started to see bites on my upper arms, they were red and itchy (very itchy).
Jan.29.15 i was getting bit more, waking up with at least 6 bites (some were in a 3 dotted line).

.30.15 in cleaning my apartment (dusting, vaccumming, mopping) i looked for trace and did not find anything.
At this point your mind is determined to see where they could be coming from.
Feb.01.15 i woke up with 4 more bites on the under part of my upper arm.
Feb.03.15 My husband found another adult bed bug in the bathroom on the wall (around 6am).
That same day i went to a walk in clinic for all these bites i had.
Doctor knew it was bed bugs right when she saw them and prescribed hydro-cortisone cream for the itching.
I was still being bit everyday, waking up with 2-7 bites. If i wore long sleeves the bug bit my ankles and feet. Noticed bites on my legs and feet as well as my face.
It became part of my daily routine "body bit search" counting how many i had, which were new.
Feb.06.15 (8am) i was about to leave the apartment for work when i noticed an adult bed bug crawling up my dining room wall; i killed it and also noticed TRACE!
Along the wall where it met the ceiling there were a lot of little black specs (bed bug poop) and this was in about 6 different lines along the wall. Just in the crack where the ceiling met the wall was where all the black specs were.
Feb.02.15 I called the building and also emailed the building photos as proof that we have them and that i was being bit.
I sent 3 emails and called daily to ensure action would be taken. Female resident manager reassured me there would be an inspection however did not give information about preparation.
Feb.05.15 I was told by the building it would be 1 week before someone came for an inspection; notice was applied on my units door Feb.07.14 late afternoon this also included a full checklist on how to be prepared for treatment.
In my opinion any information the building had about preparing you unit should have been provided when we first told them we had them not 24 hrs before an inspection which also lead to treatment (it must have been THAT BAD).
We were also notified that our neighbor (opposite the trace wall) had them in DEC.2014 and we were shocked our unit had gone untreated; they obviously migrated to our unit from there.
My husband and i were disappointed with the lack of urgency the building showed considering the attempts of communication we had.
On Feb.07.15 in the evening we shopped for rubbing alcohol and over 100 garbage bags. Once we arrived home we began to pack all of our belongings and dispose of items that were in the area of trace.
The entire day Feb.08.15 my husband and i packed belongings.
Warning to everyone: this is a lot of work especially for 2 people within 24 hrs.
Feb.09.15 Knowing we needed to continue with packing both my husband and i stayed home from work. Around 11 am exterminator came to out unit to provide treatment. There was no "inspection"
We were told by the resident building manager we had to leave the unit for 4-6 hours.
I was upset there was no real inspection and that i had wasted a day from work for nothing.
Resident building manager advised us that a "partial treatment" would be applied because the unit was not ready.
We explained to the building that methods of preparation should have been given to us before any notice of entry was considered for treatment. I understand that 24 hrs notice is given to tenants for entry (of any service/repair) what i don't understand is why not provide preparation information to tenants when they provide proof their unit has bed bugs; why wait and "partially" treat any space.
My husband and i left the unit for 4-6 hrs and when returned the unit smelled of chemicals and we noticed something had been sprayed on the wall where we found trace. Whatever was sprayed left streaks along the wall.
Feb.10.15 woke up with bites on my feet and ankles (4) stayed home from work to continue packing belongings and dispose of items.
Found a bed bug on the closet wall once emptied. It was obvious the partial treatment was not completed in the bedroom.
Feb.11.15 Upon arrival from work we had no hot water in the kitchen; continued to pack belongings.
Feb.12.15 (7am) Found a med. bed bug on my kitchen counter also found a baby bed bug on my bed, on the duvet.
I'll provide an update in future after our 1st full treatment.

While we still have them -
Tips we have heard and been practicing: spraying rubbing alcohol where we're sitting and sleeping.
Daily search for trace on beds, couches etc... since we didn't have a real "inspection" we aren't sure if we can keep these items
Daily laundry especially drying items

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May 21

Well I've been getting biten in my sleep and its so annyoning all the itching

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