15 Harding Ave
Toronto, ON M6M

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Why would you give your unit number , What an idiot

I lived at 5 Harding Ave, for 4 years I had no problem with anything until a year later,I keep my house clean, Bedbugs started bitting my children jan 17 2015 . 5 harding ave is infested with bedbugs, they will not tell you for they only cares about making money, the office manager is very rude never help anyone! in the 4 years I have being living it happen three time

I lived at 15 Harding for 2 years. For the first couple of months I had no problem with anything until a year later. I always keep my home clean and I know for a fact that I did not/never had any bedbugs or brought it with me from my older home. Bed bugs started biting my kids at night and they would all wake up with a couple of bites on their body including me. We tried telling the office/management but they never helped. The apartment manager is an ass and never helps anyone. The secretary ca

nt even speak proper English and is a fuc3ing B WORD. I would always go to try to tell them but she would always just brush it off. I even called her a fuc3ing bast3erd and she tells the apartment manager on me like she can do anything! & you would think that is the only problem we had. We decided to stay there until the school year ended but we came ucross another problem. RATS freaking RATS it was 6:)) o'clock in the morning and i'm cooking pancakes for my kids and all of a sudden I see a rat on the floor. I was so frightened that I started to hit it with my broom. It died. It was the nastiest thing I had ever done. I talked to the management and they made the superintendent pick it up from my home. HE USED HIS HAND! I had never been soooo disgusted. After I told my kids they all started to have nightmare and my younger kid was scream at night that he saw a rat! After a couple of days me and my daughter decided that we have to move so we went to the office and told management we will be moving in a month and the stupid secretary with her fake accent who cant speak English even if her life dependent on her said that we couldn't move until 2 month because its in the agreement blah blah blah! I didn't even understated half of the things she said. For the first month we didn't have a problem we were till getting bed bug bites but we didn't see another rat we had 3 more weeks until we were moving. Me and my daughter were house hunting on the computer when all of a sudden there is a rat in the middle of our family room. A RAT! My daughter went hysterical she started screaming!so we had these rat killing things which i throw on the rat and it instantly died. THANK GOD. THat same day we found a condo in a very nice neighborhood. We took it. I have no problems living here. Oh and did I forget to mention that I had to throw every furnishing I had. OVER 5000 dollars worth furnish-er in the garbage. If I took my old furnish-er to my new home i would carry the bed bugs with me to the new home and i wasn't taking any chances. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME NEVER MOVE TO 15 HARDING YOU WILL DIE! & I hope you read this management Fuc3k YOU

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I've been living here for 2 years. The building has a roach problem. Don't be fooled by the nice-looking lobby. The towers must be infested or something because no matter what we do they always find a way back in. We've even caulked every crack we can find but our most earnest attempts only kept them away for a couple of months. Last October, 2014, we started getting bites. BEDBUG bites. They took their time getting someone to come in but in a few weeks they sprayed and I haven't had a bite sinc

e. But every morning I wake up, I fear what I might find on my body if they returned.
The management sucks. They obviously don't care about the people living here. The elevators weren't working for months before they got someone in to fix them. Just an awful place to live in general.

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Moved in August 1st 2014, posting this January 13th 2015. Relatively minor roach population - I keep my apartment clean and usually only see a few a week. My apartment (102) is on the ground floor next to the garbage room, which is probably a major contributing factor.

No bedbugs. Have spotted groups of tiny ants, but only twice.

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