2 De Marco Blvd
Toronto, ON M6L

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My apartment is eroded with bed bugs. it was treated by Toronto community housing early this year. Now the infestation is 2ce as much as it was before the treatment.
The building manager has promised to have it treated again for almost 2 months now but nothing has been done.

i am thinking of going to public health but do not know how to get to them.

i will appreciate your help as to how to go about this issue.

I found numerous bed bugs in my unit. public health does beleive that they are in fact bed bugs as i have found them during the day and have been told that they normally come out between 2am-6am. Because 2 DeMarco is run by Toronto Community Housing it is very hard to get help for any type of infestation as they only treat the complaining units. Unfotunately, the majority of tenants in my small 16 unit building dont seem to mind living amongst bed bugs, roaches and even mice. i have thrown out

all the mattress is my unit and purchased new ones. i now, steam and vacuum my mattresses, box springs and couches on a weekly basis. I have also taken all steps to keep them out such as putting up double sided tape around any wall openings( outlets) and i also have little jars of vaseline under the feet of my beds.

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