1577 Lawrence Ave W
Toronto, ON M6L

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I was looking for a three bedroom , I live in this building and came across this site looking for alternative accommodations because 3 bedrooms don't exist here. I have lived in this building for 19 years and Theresa, the super has been here even longer and she is is superb and the building is very well kept and have had only one instant of roaches ever in my apartment. I suggest just visit the building and see for yourself rather than listen to this foolish rant by this scorned individual. If

Theresa is reading this...bye will miss you ,Thelma :)

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January 1, 2015

This place is a nightmare! The landlord Theresa is the rudest most inconsiderate human being that walks this planet and this place is infested with every bug that crawls these Toronto streets.

If cockroaches aren't a warm welcome home gift well the bed bugs here will definitely give you a run for you money.

After several attempts of BEGGING the landlord to spray my apartment for roaches I realized this was not my biggest problem.

A few months after moving in, I notic

ed I was being bit several times throughout the night. I brought this to my landlords attention and she said I would need more proof then a few little "breakfast, lunch and dinner bites"

Finally a few weeks later I caught 2 of them in my bed and brought them to her. She eventually called her pest control company but I had to wait another 3 weeks for them to show up as they were back logged in service request.

She accused me of bringing these bed bugs in and mentioned to me that I was the only tenant complaining about this problem.

When the exterminator came I wanted to know the truth about this building and AS I SUSPECTED he told me he was at our building bi-weekly spraying for bed bugs mostly and roaches.

After being so paranoid about these creepy crawlers, I ended up throwing out all my furniture and sleeping on an air mattress until my lease was up so I could move.

Months after 4 treatments and still no furniture I was still being bit. So I called my own exterminator for a free quote to get rid of these things once and for all. After his inspection he was able to tell me the bed bugs were coming through walls (threw the plug outlets) and one or several of my neighbors must be infested.

After all was said and done, I am FINALLY out of this building and I wouldn't wish this horror story on anyone. This building is disgusting and infested with bugs and PLEASE DON'T LET THE PRETTY LOBBY FOOL YOU LIKE IT FOOLED ME.

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