1440 Lawrence Ave W
Toronto, ON M6L

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cockroaches never goes away in this building- No matter how you keep clean, how many time you got treated but still worst.
Before moving management filled gaps with duck tap on colour on it, after few weeks i came to know MANAGEMENT IS SO CHEAP (2 Ladies in office thinks they knows everything & nothing to worry about it) - I decided to move out

I've had lived in this building for many, many years (back when it was known Lawrence Towers) and the bed bug problem started when an influx of South Asians started renting and immigrating in the early 2000s. Around this time the building started getting old; crevices on baseboards and walls. When I'd first seen a bedbug in 2002, I immediately called my private pest control and they stated the building is infested. I took matters to my own hands and I closed all crevices possible, then later mov

ed in 2009. My friend, who now occupies the apartment I moved out from, says the problem gets worse and worse as time goes on and I decided to post this for him, since it reminded me of the old days.

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It seems the other tenants are fine living with bedbugs - I've just about had it.

Ever since 2 months ago bed bugs have been living inside my bed and crawling about during night. Don't know where they are coming from but it's getting worse as time goes on. Surely even superintendent has experience of it for himself, why is he delaying the problem?

At 1440 there is black bugs socking your blood, it come out mostly at night, my whole apartment is effective by this bugs, they are in my wall, furnitures, clothes and everywhere you can think of, and the managements is doing nothing about it, except for collecting their rent.
Someone should call in the health departmennt.

Clean the apartment with Pine Sol

Bedbugs here two years in a row, came from the other apartments. Building offered to pay half the extermination fee if the company that treats cockroaches yearly was used. This building has the worst roach population I have ever seen. Stay far away from this place. Very high turnover, two empty apartments on my floor alone. 1440 and 1442 (same complex) are on veiwit.ca and torontorentals.com constantly.

That said, the neighbourhood is very nice and I'm hoping to find somewhere nearby.

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