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I'm thinking of moving in here within the next month, but these reports have me a little freaked out. Does anyone have any updates? Can anyone currently living in the building confirm that bed bugs are still a problem here?

Thank you

isnt it curious that both posts dated on 10/30/2015 start with the same "yes you can rent here"

so obvious that the super posted that! LOL

they say that 1 image is worth a thousand words. Why dont you take a look for yourself: dowlingavenue.tumblr.com

My partner and I have lived in a renovated apartment here for a year now, and I have never had a problem with bedbugs, we had preventative treatment for roaches and bedbugs but that was all I have heard about bedbugs while living here.

I had a horrible experience with this building a year ago. i specifically asked asked about bed bugs and was told there were no problems with them. 4 months into my stay bed bugs started crawling into my apartment. i treated everything 3 times and was living out of garbage bags (as to not contaminate my treated clothes). the amount of money i spent on laundry alone was ridiculous. i ended up throwing out all of my furniture (couch, mattress, bed, etc.) and moving. halfway through my ordeal

a neighbour down the hall put out a mattress that was covered in bedbugs. the landlord let in sit there for 2 days before anything was done. this building has a serious problem with bugs and management and both need a serious overhaul.

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My boyfriend and I moved in Oct 1 2014 and it was the worst experience ever! We rented a one bedroom on the second floor newly renovated. About 3 months into our stay, we began noticing all kinds of critters! I had never seen a bed bug in my life until living here. the problem got soo bad that we threw out all of our furniture which was only one year old ikea stuff. The super wants to know all of your business and when you don't let him in on your life keeps asking questions, and tries to luer

you into his office and whisper, creepy as hell. They treated the unit twice but still saw some crawling around. Sleeping on an air mattress is the worst for the back but soon it will be over as we gave our notice 2 months ago since you require 60 days notice. It is so hard to find a decent place to live in toronto know a days, but $1290 plus hydro not worth it here especially with all of the drug addicts around the building too! STAY AWAY DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE SUPER!!!

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Yes you can rent here just go and have a look they do a great job renovating the units .dont be misled by people who have a axe to grind .They can move if they want .i think the landlord do there best maintaining the building but for some people it will never be enough BED BUG is a world wide problem and it goes by the movement of people all you can do is treat the problem as it comes along HOPE THIS HELP YOU

Yes you can rent here i live here for a very long time there are certain people that lives in the building that hates MET CAP but this not a MET CAP building its a Starlight building and although they advise people not to rent here they are still living here NOW that says something { If YOU DONT LIKE WHERE YOU LIVE THEN YOU CAN MOVE} I Love it here we have the best super and the best building in the area

Do not move in!!!!

I was wondering if someone could please give me an update on the bedbug and/or bug problem. It has been a while since the last past and my boyfriend and I are considering renting in this building. Would really appreciate any insight seeing as the advertised place looks rather nice at the moment..but we don't want to be mislead by shiny appliances.

Thanks in advance!

i live in this building and on the first floor the landlord dose a fantastic job renovating this building and keeping it habitable for the tenants. Why lay blame when you can go to the movie and bring home a bug. considering all the other building in the area this one is the best. .Where you suggest that other people should not rent here is a stretch, just wondering if you still live here or are you going to move.I am along term resident and everybody i know in this building loves it here this

is my home.

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Another tenant here from the first floor of this property. DO NOT RENT HERE. Metcap is the worst slumloard I have ever encountered in 15 years of living in various places - including NYC.

As others have said, they are not treating the roaches or bedbugs properly. The building needs a full inspection and sweep. Instead, they are just treating individual units, so the pests move from one suite to another.

DO NOT BE LURED BY THE NEW RENOVATIONS. Three units on the first floor with the bedbu

g problem (the whole building has roaches) are new renovated suites.

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Do NOT move into this building. Half of the first floor is infested with bed bugs and every apartment has a roach problem. Instead of treating the entire building at the same time, the management is treating individual apartments. No wonder the problem isn't going away. My apartment's been treated twice for bed bugs yet my boyfriend and I are still getting bites a month later.

My girlfriend and i have been living at 99 dowling for about a year. About 6 weeks ago one of our neighbouring tenants had informed us that they had bed bugs. Because of the habits and cleanliness of this particular tenant I believe that the problem will be very hard to contain. Since learning about the problem next door two tenants in the same corner of the building have reported problems and both appear to be clean and proactive individuals. This problem, coupled with our lack of confidence in

the building management's effectiveness in dealing with the problems, have forced us to leave an apartment we are otherwise in love with. The building is in the process of renovating all the suites and feel I should warn anyone being lured by affordable rent and shiny new suites. There is a problem and until the infested tenant decides to stay in her unit instead of roaming and infecting common areas if will be very hard to contain.

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There are bed bugs on the first floor on the left hand wing of the building. Its not just a problem- it is an infestation. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. I have thrown away my bed and most of my clothing - my apartment is spotless and I never pick up furniture off the road. Its a low income area and people pick up infested furniture. Parkdale may be cheap but in the end its not worth the hell of living here.

Take it indoors on 07/21/2012

This board is ridiculous. All it does is create a stigma against this address and others. When you google "99 dowling" this the first thing that comes up. There are lots of units in this building that DO NOT have bed bugs, and lots of people that enjoy living here and wish to do so without embarrassment. If you really want to solve your problem, work with management and your neighbours to eradicate to come up with a solution. Or would that be too much work? Posti

ng here accomplishes nothing posi


This is in response to what this person has posted.
Management everywhere needs to get off their duffs and dust the entire building when there is an outbreak!
Dusting one apt at a time is like going round and round in circles.
If you had even the slightest idea of the amount of prep work that goes into pre-spraying then you would be singing a different tune.

You actually sound like you're from property management and want to keep things low key in order to rent out units to unsuspecting people.

You shouldn't even be on this site with that narrow minded thinking!

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This board is ridiculous. All it does is create a stigma against this address and others. When you google "99 dowling" this the first thing that comes up. There are lots of units in this building that DO NOT have bed bugs, and lots of people that enjoy living here and wish to do so without embarrassment. If you really want to solve your problem, work with management and your neighbours to eradicate to come up with a solution. Or would that be too much work? Posting here accomplishes nothing posi


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No, no...let's get this straight. I have lived on the 3rd floor at 99 Dowling for 3 years. In my unit, I have seen/still see cockroaches, spider bugs, centipedes, spiders, bed bugs and mice. It's been awesome. I can distinguish between a bed bug and a spider bug...completely different. And also kept some in a ziploc bag as proof. I don't collect furniture from the side of the road, keep a spotless apartment, and none of my friends have had bed bugs. As many others have stated - if they're in the

building, it's pretty difficult to avoid them.

Let's see how well MetCap handles the building/pest problems...

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Have had recurring bed bug problems at this location. Transglobe only sprays select units, which does not get rid of the problem in the least. It merely makes the bugs migrate to adjacent units and they eventually come back. The bugs are sometimes found away from the bed in other areas of the apartment. There are spider beetles but there are definitely bed bugs as well.

my apologies i wrote 6 but meant 5th as i was a little frantic on first noticing them. i have several bed bugs that I found alive captured within a ziploc bag as i know it is easy enough to dismiss them.

these are no spider beetles, though i have captured them too with glue traps. these are without doubt bed bugs. im happy to come down to any unit to show you.

i'm guessing that this is what most people are seeing and NOT bed bugs. due to mass hysteria, people are not taking the time to research to properly ID these bugs. spider beetles, even though usually found in the walls and in dark cupboard and light fixtures, can also hide under mattresses and box springs. i'm also guessing that a lot of the anonymous posts on here are fake. there are a lot of lonely, loose cannon types at 99 which nothing to do but complain and gossip.

Also, there are only five floors in this building, so how is it that someone is reporting a problem on the 6th floor?

Everyone should be aware that 99 dowling is full of spider beetles. they're everywhere and very often confused with bed bug. please google spider beetle and make sure this is not what you're confusing with bed bugs. never seen a bed bug in this building after four years and don't know of anyone else here who has had them.

yes, the cracks in the flooring are a nightmare! If you're looking to treat it yourself use rubbing alcohol, it kills the little fuckers on contact and also kills their eggs. make sure your windows are open and wear a mask so you don't give yourself brain damage from the fumes, then fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and thoroughly soak all the cracks in your floor, especially around baseboards.

2/16 and 3/18 posts (among others) were from me - I am on the second floor and despite the unit being treated twice I have seen maybe 2-3 adults in the past week. I haven't been bitten at all since the last treatment, but obviously they are hiding or coming in from somewhere. I am fortunate enough to be moving in the next couple of weeks, but I agree-the entire building needs treatment, and the floors have got to be redone in order to combat this issue properly.

I'm on the 6th floor and found a live bug today! No other signs. freaking the eff out!!!

giving my notice im leaving on the 1st! i've talked to people on the 3rd and 2nd floor that have them too.

the building is done for unless it all gets treated not just single units. and the floors! dear god there's so many small cracks in our flooring its impossible to fill in every crack!

if you cant move, take every precaution in the world! put your stuff into ziploc bags as soon as you are done

with the dryer. diamactoeus earth all over your floors.

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You can test your apartment with this cool little home made dry ice test! Let us know if you have results, If we work together on this, it can prevent further infestation. :)

I am about to move in to this apartment, and the thought of moving what little stuff I have into an infested unit does not appeal at all. :(

Despite agreeing that it is the duty of the landlord to fumigate, I must also reiterate that it is your blood that these bed bugs are sucking.. So if your agent won't resolve it asap.. You need to take action on your unit. Also all action needs to be reported to the health department and the tenancy board.

Here are some helpful and harrowing sites w

orth a peek if you are concerned about bed bugs.
Best of luck with it.




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2012 anonymous posters - please let us know what floor you live on!

I'm on the 5th floor and haven't had any problems yet, thank God. I am very careful and don't bring home anything that could harbour bedbugs but I'm still scared of getting infested. I see a mattress and a lot of clothing in the garbage right now.

I've only been here a year and I love my apartment so moving isn't an option! I think I'll start taking extra precautions - start caulking around my walls and putting Diatomace

ous earth by my front door.

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My place was treated twice during the past couple of months and I have just discovered one live bug and plenty of dead ones. I have taken every precaution - from DE to covers to caulking. Definitely be careful if you are looking to move into this building. While the super has been really good about getting the unit treated, it is still very expensive to deal with - new mattress set, discarded furniture and clothing, extra washing costs...moving costs...They should also consider treating an entir

e floor or the entire building and notifying residents.

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You need to caulk every inch of baseboard, and all of your cupboards and closets - anywhere you see cracks. Spend a day doing it, it will be worth your while. For larger gaps around radiators, use steel wool. Yes, they will naturally try to roam from unit to unit, but they can't if you seal your apartment. Same goes from roaches. As other posters on here have requested - please state which floor you are on when you make a report.

I have been in this building for 2 years and have never had an issue with bedbugs before. I don't think I brought them in because they seem to be coming from an area of my apartment opposite of where my sofa and bed are, which I find strange. Being sprayed in the near future but seriously considering moving after reading other reports of repeated infestations.

oh no! ive been wondering if the little bites im getting are bed bugs, and googled to find this. and the two other reviews this month scare the heck out of me!

im pretty sure what i have now is a for sure case of BBs... how is this even possible? im honestly so clean. i vacuum every other day. i don't have many people over. this is the worst.

can we do something to get the building to fumigate the entire building? wont they just keep spreading if they only do one room at a time?!



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I've been here 2 years. Got hit for the first time last summer and was sprayed once and then again two weeks later. I threw a lot out. I bought brand new furniture and kept my clothes in bags for weeks. I double-sided taped my entrance and the bases of furniture, and have left diatomaceous earth around certain baseboards. I now need to be sprayed again. Fumigate the whole building!! Not cool.

I've lived at this location for three years and this is the second time I have had bedbugs in my place. I was warned about the cockroaches when I moved in, but that I could deal with. I don't take gnarly stuff home randomly and am a clean person to boot, so my only conclusion is that until they fumigate the whole building, it's part and parcel to living here. Probably will be moving as a result.

When a building fumigates only the apartment in question and not the apartments adjacent above and below and side to side knowing full well bed bugs migrate than they are at fault. It's their property why should they not take responsibility in keeping it in order? Bed bugs are hitch hikers even if your not dragging discarded furniture home there are other ways that bb can be brought in subway/streetcar/bus or taxi ride or even going to the movies or library.
It's part of being a landlord at a 1

20 apartments and the rent no lower than $700 each for this building I think they can afford an exterminator to solve the problem before the whole building is infested such as the cockroach problem that is happening here.

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Why is it that tenants are so quick to blame the building for their problems with bed bugs? I have lived in the Parkdale Community for 30 plus years and have never had bed bugs (and yes they are in my apartment building), you know what the secret is? don't bring home other peoples discarded furniture, don't leave your laundry in the laundry rooms for hours, or leave it on the floor until you return, and when your building comes to treat the bed bugs..DO YOUR PART! make all the suggested preparat

ions, and clean all your clothes etc. I think it's a shame that owners are lumbered with the cost of bed bug treatments when they were not the ones that brought them into the building.

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Just an update - I haven't seen a bug since I found that one dead one over two months ago, and have had no bites. I have noticed that there are a lot of spider mites, spiders, etc. in the building, so if you've got mysterious bites and are not seeing bed bugs, maybe you're being bitten by something else? Also, hives look a lot like bed bug bites. Anyway, I will report back if see any evidence of bed bugs.

I had a few bites and called Transglobe to get sprayed. I think it's safe to say this is a problem in the building. They are coming to fumigate. Now I have to wash everything in the apartment.

I have yet to see a bug.

@bugged I hope you got TG to spray your apartment to be on the safe side. If there is one there is others just not on your bed the nest tends to be somewhere else out of sight they are good at hiding.

Okay...just stripped the mattress to wash the bedding and there were several little black blood spots on the mattress...and one dead bug. I searched very thoroughly and could not find any other bugs live or dead. I'm on the fourth floor.

@Bugged. I'm not surprised the super denied it that is his stock response "it's a rumor" "you must of caused it" "it's not broken" my goodness how can he sleep at night?

Anyway I know the so called disgruntled ex-tenant who had to throw out an entire apartment of furniture bedroom and living room, spent $800 on a professional steamer and did not wait for Transglobe to address the issue but paid for an exterminator to fumigate. Now why would someone go through all that trouble and expense i

f it was untrue? And out of respect for the neighbors informed them of the bedbugs instead of hiding it.

But than it seems most of the supers are playing this game.

I will give credit to Transglobe for responding and complying to a tenants request to have their apartment treated because she lived below the bedbug apartment and quickly. Though with much insistence I thought never with these guys and was surprised.

And yes please anyone from this building if you have bedbugs please tell us the unit number.

Cheri Dinovo is trying to pass a bill that makes landlords tell possible renters if the apartment has been treated or be fined. But there is those that are attempting to bar this from going through. It's a damn good start.

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I actually confronted the superintendent about the bedbug "rumours" at 99 dowling and he told that they were just that - rumours, being spread via a disgruntled ex-tenant via this website. I'm not sure I believe him. I agree that the first step in eradicating any beg bug problem if full disclosure, and yes, Transglobe should be letting tenants know if there are bugs in the building and what people can do to help limit their spread. Since we know that is not about to happen, then yes, definitely

tell people in the units surrounding yours that you have bugs, and if you're posting on here, at least say which floor you're on. I'm sorry for anyone who's having to go through this!

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To the most recent post tell your neighbours that you have bedbugs in the adjacent apartment up down and side to side because even if your spraying your place I can gaurantee you the survivors and there will be many are just shifting next door to take up house. Please let us know what apartment your in. I've been in this building since 2004 and our super will not spread the word to the other tenants but if you raise enough of a fuss Trans Ghetto will spray sooner than later.

After having posted my comments regarding bedbugs,
and using the DE diatomatious earth, vacuuming,
steaming etc. The do it yourself approach, after
reading all the professional reports, newspaper
articles from Toronto and NYC, it appears that the
best approach is to call a good PCO Pest Control
Officer, and go by their advice with a co-operative
attack using vaccuum when they say to. Three or
more visits over a two week period and follow up.
The diatomatious earth substance is to be use

only with a respirator mask on NOT a dust mask. It
is made of silica and requires a filtrated mask.
It can cause silicosis. Don't breathe this shit in
is what I'm getting from all the articles from the
professionals. Also, applying chemical pesticides
on your own can cause severe reactions to the
substances in them. Even death. Health Canada
reports. Also, for renters, it is the responsibility
of the property owner/landlord under Section 23 of
the Residential Tenancies Act of 2006 and the
Right To Know Act...Bill 94 of 2010, to supply the
tenant with ANY information of a bedbug infestation in the building of said tenancy within a period of 5 years of resident application. It is also their responsibility to pay for a POC to treat an affected apartment. And the apartments connected to the one affected. At this point I'll have to say GOODLUCK as we I are dealing with Trans Blob here. Two hours of reading bedbug information on line has been VERY informative and has changed my mind on using DE
owder. I'm calling a POC tomorrow morning asap and informing the landlord of the situation. What else can I do? From what I've read it is an expensive process and a lot will be tossed out.
Many applications later, they still might come back due to other apartments being infested. I
think the building should be done, not just one apt at a time. We'll venture further. Tomorrow.

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"breakfast,,,lunch...and dinner" and then there's
the snacks in between...bed bugs. Am waiting for
Toronto Health analysis on a few specimens captured
in rubbing alchohol. That's what they ask you to do
just to verify that you actually have bedbugs. The
size of the itchy welts on fingers, arms, underarms,
ankles and waist kind of says 'yes' these are bedbugs. The photograph of them on a website indicates these are small yet effective biting
bloodsucking machines. And it's only been a week

I thought it might have been fire ants picked up
on Toronto Island beach at night. So, having heard
reports from neighbours over the last two years to
present day, I'll go through the motions of trying
to eradicate the bedbugs from my apt. I know Trans
Blob should pay for it but I don't want bugs in my
apt. It could spread further to another neighbour.
He had a huge population of mice after returning
from holiday last summer. I've had a visiting
mouse on and off for the entire time I've lived
here. The shabby exteriour of the building is quite shameful but being happy is the most important thing anyway. I'm not the only one to endure this minor setback. I'll attack the situation responsibly and with luck and due diligence the problem will be solved. CHecking and spraying, steaming and vacuuming. I'll try
the organic diataneous earth product which looks
like crack, first along with vacuum and steam,
double sided tape, sealing the baseboards with
silicone, then proceed to call in the troops if
it looks as if I'm losing the 'battle' as it were. I wish they would clean the hallway carpet
runner at least once a week by steaming. Once a year if we are lucky. This is not right. The stairwells are just filthy. And people at our building...well...it isn't the super intendent's job to clean your garbage from the premises. It's your's. Clean up after yourself.

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Spent most of yesterday on the phone trying to get someone at Transglobe to deal with this. One woman, who was the building manager, said she didn't know what to do because she was new. I called several other times and was "transferred" which resulted, in all attempts to disconnect. Coincidence? Finally got through to Anne Atkinson, executive assistant to Mr. Drimmer. . No word back from her either. It's the weekend, office is closed.

I reported this to the City of Toronto Public Health Dept

. as everyone should. I am having a professional come in to prep and spray and will have to go to a hotel for 24 hours as no one wants to host someone with a bedbug problem and I don't blame them. FYI, for those who are unaware, the Landlord has the legal obligation to get rid of the bugs and you have the right to demand it.

I have also spoken with neighbours who cannot get a response from Transglobe and they are aware of my bedbug problem so will no doubt be dealing with their own bugs soon as they tend to migrate.

Next, the mice and mold!

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Changing bedsheets, discovered several bedbugs. Called Toronto Public Health. Waiting to hear from Transghetto so I can get a professional to asess the situation and deal with it. Hopefully I won't have to lose all my furniture and new bedding. I thought the roaches and mice and broken windows were bad, now this! This building is literally crawling with these pests.

I live at 99 Dowling and saw a bed bug 2 nights ago. That is the second time I have seen one in my bed. I am going to take it up with the superintendant when he gets back from vacation.

99 Dowling Ave. Please let us know what unit your in because we live in the same buildng and bed bugs migrate to others apartment when an apartment is sprayed.

Truly the only way to address the problem is to spray all the apartments surrounding it as well. But this is a costly venture that no landlord relishes albeit the tenants too.

If others know we can at least be more diligent in stopping the problem spreading further by using diatomaceous earth in th

e cracks between apartments and seal what we can.

An expensive job no doubt but probably less expensive than losing all your positions.

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Just got sprayed for bedbugs on friday (the 7th of august)
Hopefully that solves the problem. The landlord confessed that there were other units in the building getting sprayed at the same time. More news to follow.

mattress in garbage with sign says bedbugs.

06/06/09 Looks like we\'ve been hit came home to discover 3 mattresses next to the garbage bin with a sheet of paper taped to it and the words
\"bed bugs don\'t take.\"
Nothing will be done (it's a Trans Globe building) and perhaps thats for the best because if they only spray one unit the bugs will just spread to another unit.

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