91 Jameson Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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Lived here. Can confirm. Bed bugs make the roaches look adorable. This building is a huge nightmare for various reasons.

Bed bugs!!! So many to the point where we can see then crawling around on the floor in daylight im waking up with huge welts that are leaving scars they are clinging to my clothes when i leave the house i notice them on me this building needs to fumigate every single apartment doing it to every few is not helping after second treatment i find them worse!!! Do not live here this bed bug issue is out of control!!!

Slept over at a friend's house and woke up in the morning covered in bites. All of the bites were in groups of three. I had three on my left cheek, three on my forehead, three on my right knee, three on my left wrist... and countless others that I can't quite remember. This happened back in March. I do not believe the problem has been looked after.

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