90 Tyndall Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

Found 2 reports:

Feb 29, 2012 my apartment on the 7th floor is being sprayed for bedbugs. It will be done again in a few weeks. The units around me are being done as well. I am hopeful that the steam I used prior to the spray treatment will deal with them but they are harder than roaches to kill so we shall see. The two days notice I was given to prepare the unit is totally insufficient given the amount of work required to do this properly.

I came to see an apartment for rent on January 3rd, 2011. I was showed both apartments 303 and 304 and both units were still occupied and in both units you could see shells of bedbug carcusses all over the apartments. This had definitely turned me away from committing to renting there.

No nearby bug reports