90 Jameson Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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I am international student with two little kids. I moved to 90 Jameson avenue "Concorde building" with a lot of hope because fullday kindergarden but few days later one of my babies got a horrible rush I took him to the sikkids hospital and the doctor told me it was a heavy alergic reaction to bedbugs. The superintendent knew about the situation but he lied to me to make me sign up the lease, because I had a lot of complains since the first day. few days latter I got an infectation of bedbugs. H

e said he would transfer me to another unit but I have to throw away all my mattress and my furniture with not compensation. I went to Landlord and tenants and is really no much to do unless I take the company to the court. Now I am tied to this METCAP company and with not hope. SO I advice you if is in your mind go there, take this idea away. Also the neighborhood is pretty bad with a lot of wild people garbage around the area.
any question send it to condominiosofia@gmail.com

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