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To all potential tenants please do your due diligence, this place is the absolute worst. They have bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, and other god know what infestations.What is more, the building itself is rotting, there is mould on the walls in which they just covered up painting over it. This place should burn to the ground, or be completely redone. Management is useless, where it fall upon deaf ears. I repeat NOTHING can change for this dump. I left as soon as possible and never loo

ked back, replacing everything in the process. Oh and btw if you do need to get something done, go bypass them and threaten to submit a complain to the tenant landlord agreement under the city bylaws. They sure act fast when they know the city can come at them.

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Don't ever live here. I lived in this building about 5 years ago and somehow lasted an entire year. The day I moved in a saw a bedbug. Boy was I upset. Within the first two months everything we owned was infested.New bed, couch, speakers, movies, books you name it there was a bedbug in it. Including posters that I had put up on my wall. We had pest control come in like 5 times and nothing changed still getting bit dozens of times in a night.After a while we decided to get rid of 90% of our thing

s in hopes that it would slow down, but no such luck. We tried working with management but they were just terrible. We also found out that they knew that apartment had bugs and did not tell us even though we asked. They refused to do anything to help our situation. This actually got to the point where we started sleeping directly on the floor and bugs were coming up through the cracks in the floor. We started sleeping in our bath tube.BOTH OF US!!Two full grown adults sleeping in a bathtub together just to sleep enough to be able to go to work in the morning.All we wanted was to get out of the lease but they refused.So we put in our notice to get out after the year mark. After we thought we were clear to get out, they decide that we owe them 800$ because of the infestation.Can you imagine????I threw out everything I owned except one bag of clothing between the two of us.AS we were leaving they were all ready to ship some more people in but I told them what had happened and they ended up moving somewhere else. DON'T GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS TERRIBLE SLUM LORD!!! i WOULD RATHER BE HOMELESS THEN DEAL WITH THAT AGAIN!!!!

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This building is infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. Management is indifferent. I don't have bed bugs, but the pest control guy told me its only a matter of time. He said it would be smart to move. I'm out of here ASAP. DO NOT MOVE IN, unless you like bed bugs.

living on 8th floor, only there for 2 months now. bed bugs have infested my matress and possibly my couch. I am moving out asap and will have to dispose of those valuable items. Property mgmt is abysmal and doesn't meet any commitments.

Don't move to 87 Jameson. I should have checked this registry before moving in, and now I will be very worried about having bed bugs move out with me.

I recommend never living in this area ever. I had a terrible cockroach problem to which the landlord never promised to fix anything. Not to mention i was promised to have my countertop replaced before i moved in. It took them a month to fix it. I was given no notice to when they were coming either. When the countertop was being removed, it was infested with cockroaches that were massive in size. Terrible neighborhood, terrible apartments, and terrible management.

I have been living at 87 Jameson for almost 4 years now. AND ITS A DISASTER! Its like living with the bugs and roaches. At first it wasnt that bad. but a year later my family started getting those red WE HAVE SPRAYED INSECTICIDE THREEE TIMES NOW and there isnt any difference. ITIS NOT EASY TO LIVE LIKE THIS.. DO NOT EVER EVERRR MOVE INTO 87 JAMESON AVENUE. I AM TELLING THIS FROM MY EXPERIENCE

is there a rule that we are only allowed to post once? if so, I apologize. I posted here, because people need to stop playing the blame game and start doing their part. It's not fair that a building can pay approximately a thousand dollars a unit for treatment, and then the tenant goes down to the laundry room and leaves their laundry in the corner for a couple of hours (I see this constantly)and wonder why their unit is re-infested. Before I moved into my unit..I steamed and caulked all the bas

eboards. Removed the electrical plates and steamed,I caulked around pipes. I don't have a single bed bug or cockroach for that matter..and my apartment was over run with roaches.

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Recent posting on 3 different locations. This is a site for reporting bedbugs. If you want to be part of discussion on bedbug prevention, come to the forum at www.bedbugger.com. The link is on this website under "About".

People do not necessarily bring in bedbugs. Once bedbugs infest a building, they can travel to neighbouring units by crawling in the ductwork and along electrical wires. They have been documented going under an apt door, walking down the hall and going under the door of a

nother unit down the hall. Basically, people can get bedbugs from leaving in a unit in a building that already has bedbugs. That's why it is a joint responsibility - the landlord pays for the cost of the treatments and the tenant cooperates by preparing the unit etc. This is because the landlord essentially has a responsiblity to protect tenants from getting bedbugs from their neighbours.

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Why is it that tenants are so quick to blame the building for their problems with bed bugs? I have lived in the Parkdale Community for 30 plus years and have never had bed bugs (and yes they are in my apartment building), you know what the secret is? don't bring home other peoples discarded furniture, don't leave your laundry in the laundry rooms for hours, or leave it on the floor until you return, and when your building comes to treat the bed bugs..DO YOUR PART! make all the suggested preparat

ions, and clean all your clothes etc. I think it's a shame that owners are lumbered with the cost of bed bug treatments when they were not the ones that brought them into the building.

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I live at 87 Jameson...been there for almost a year and I am counting down the days to leaving. My first month I noticed roaches. It started with every now and then I would see one. A couple months later I would see them in the hallways, the elevator, the laundry room...pretty much everywhere. 7 months is when the bed bugs started. I put in 3 requests before the landlord came in and sprayed. They gave me practically no notice before they came in to spray and told me that they could not re-schedu

le the spraying. So I had to make extreme last minute arrangements. The building is littered with bugs. Do not move into this apartment building!

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I live on 2-nd floor, every unit is infected. Supers are liars, when you tell them about bed bugs running as horses in the hallways trying to get to your unit, they make round eyes saying - Oh, really , that's probably roaches!
When somebody throw mattresses , some idiots bring them back in.
Never lease at Jameson Ave.( Metcap mngnt), because bed bugs settled here forever.

August 23rd, 2009 , 87 Jameson. I live on the 6th floor of this building and am moving out in ten days because of a bad bedgug infestation. It started in my matress, then moved onto my couch and I am now sleeping on the floor! I've had my apartment sprayed twice but it did nothing and my landlords were very unsympathetic to my ordeal. During the bug spraying I had to vacate with my cat, take a cab to a friends house for the day and then repeat it two weeks later. Now they want me to do it again

even though I have no time off to uproot my cat again before i move out. I don't understand why they can't just wait until i have moved out of the apartment to do a proper extermination when it is emtpy but I believe they already have a new tenant moving in! I really feel sorry for them! I have already been so inconvenienced with sleepless nights and welts all over my body! I have to throw out my matress, bedframe, new couch, books, pillows, blankets, clothes and so much more! I'm terrified of bringing more bugs into my new apartment! There are many others in this building who are dealing with this and the exterminators are parked in our parking lot on a weekly basis! Please don't move here! I would not wish this upon anyone!

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