59 Spencer Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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We resided at this address from 2010-2013, in one of the upper front units #61. We never had any issues with bedbugs, only had one tiny mouse, maybe 6-10 house centipedes, plenty of spiders, and the occasional silver fish in the bathroom.

I managed to find the hole behind the oven where the mouse had entered and patched it with steel wool.

The unit itself had very poor ventilation, in the bathroom especially, and the shower/tub and toilet had loads of black mold, which I thought I could

keep under control with regular cleaning, (I'm extremely obsessive compulsive about deep cleaning and organizing), before doing proper research and understanding that this was a deeper issue that would require professional attention.

I had addressed the mold issue with the owner/ landlord of the building a few times in the time I resided there. He offered to change the caulking around the tub, which unfortunately, wouldn't resolve the issue even temporarily.

After the third time discussing the issue with the landlord, he told me that the mold was probably in the pipes, and everywhere in the building, and that there was nothing he could do about it.

Both my husband and I had daily headaches, I had further health complications as a result of prolonged living in this building. Especially working from home from 9-3, I spent the better part of my week indoors.

Some of our belongings in the basement storage molded over, there was a major musky odour down there as well. I had purchased two new wicker baskets for my front entrance closet which molded over after 1 month, the tiles in the bathtub would sink back if I pressed on them, primarily around the built in soap dish.

I just want future potential tenants to be aware of the black mold issue in this building. Black toxic mold is a major health hazard. Worse really than a bedbug infestation.

No efforts were made to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that this is an older building from the 1940-50's, with improper ventilation.

A year after moving out the headaches stopped for the both of us, after nearly 3 years with an ongoing daily headache. It took more than a year for my other health issues to improve and eventually go away.

We'd have moved earlier had we had the means to do so.

Here's a link from the city of Toronto regarding various issues related to renting, covering insects and mold:


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