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Hello posting below me. I live on the first floor for about 7 months into my 1 year lease now and I have had no problems with bed bugs , thank goodness. But I have heared of bed bug problems on other floors. Although ... We do see the creepy crawly cochroaches here and there. Haven't really had any problems since we've been here.. consider the buildings reputation. It is getting better. The new management is helpful about most things. I think the building and street has a long way to go, but a

gain is getting much better. Most people living here seem nice. Still not sure if we will renew the lease. It's a great area for getting around & liberty village being so close. Hope this is helpful.

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thinking about renting at this location, anyone has had any problems with bedbugs since last post? The apartment that I was shown is on the 1st floor. Thanks.

Moved in June 1/15
Had heard building used to be in bad shape until new owner took over. Being given the "golden cockroach award" in 2004.
Figured since new owners were renovating , things would be better.
In July, we had probably 2 sitings of cochroaches. Killed them-obviously. About once a month we see them. September saw 3 within a week , freaked out . Killed them ( having to hunt them as they are fast and easily hide ) made up my own batch of naturals bug killer ( water, peppermint oil

- cochroaches hate peppermint ) sprayed perimeter and both sides of door. Had no sitings until this month November 10/15 found 2 hiding in table , who knows how many more .. Made spray and sprayed again. Apparently are having exterminators in building in a few weeks , not sure how good that is for out pet / or ourselves. Not to mention we have to empty out all of our cabinets , and move everything out of place. How convienent!
That's fun after a hard days work coming home and having to "move in" your apartment again. I have never had a bug problem. So this is very disappointing and disgusting. Not to mention you always see cochroaches in the hallway here. Like previous post said - building should be tore down and rebuilt. Only way to clear these disgusting bugs out.
Terrible paying rent for poor living conditions. Oh and we moved into a freshly renovated apartment on the 1st floor. Renovations are terrible. Looks like a child helped renovated.
If I could give advice for anyone looking into 40/60 Tyndall , looks else where. Avoid Tyndall all together as the hole street needs to be tore down. And management rents out parking spaces during carabana/CNE - INCLUDING THE SPOTS YOU PAY 60$/ month for as soon as you pull out they sell your spot for 20$ And your left with nowhere to park.
Thanks 40 Tyndall for being so great :)
Cant wait to leave you when our lease is over.

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Just moved into a one bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor 09/01/15. The unit was just renovated and we are paying $1,300 a month plus hydro.

My girlfriend started getting bites immediately.We told the super and she was kind of in denial because the place was just renovated she insisted it was just cockroaches (still not cool).

They did spray and a week went by with nothing. Then I was bitten one night pretty badly. My whole shoulder was covered. I decided to try and spray again as I was r

eally disappointed in the way they treated us handled the situation before, I also work with someone who was an exterminator so I knew he would do a good job.

This time we really doused it. Took off the electrical face plates and everything. We found tons of roach shells and nasty stuff in the walls. Vacuumed those out as well as dusted. We dusted everything, caulked the baseboards and any areas leading in, even dusted the ventilation system.

A couple days went by and my girlfriend got more bites. Today we found a huge one and have it in tape. We are going to confront the landlord ASAP finally with a bug to prove it. I've read that the building had been known as one of the most poorly maintained in parkdale, possibly the city and it should probably be demolished.

The problem must be the ventilation system and the walls. Many residents have been living here for years and are still paying cheap rents in un-renovated apartments while others are paying extremely high rents in my opinion to live in these conditions. Yeah they may have splashed some fresh paint up and put in new appliances but these things are infesting this building. We wish we never moved here and think it's insane that we have to deal with this kind of thing for that high of rent. Hopefully we can break the lease.

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Bed bug infestation during renovations throughout the building, starting in July 2011. After several reports to the property manager there was an exterminator called.

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