35 Spencer Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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moved in august, there was none that i've seen, even asked people around and no one mentioned. last reports on this site were from 2012 too. but now 4 months after i see one in our unit every day. and i keep my place very clean, no food or left around and no dishes left in the sink. Something has to be done about it.

So many cockroaches. The building is clean and laundry facilities are great but there is a serious cockroach problem in this building. I've had my unit fumigated 4 times now and they never leave or get better. I keep my apartment impeccably clean and they're still here. Wish it wasn't the case because the prices are low and the apartments have sizeable.

Cockroaches everywhere...

It was fine for the first 3 months I was here. But then half way through the summer they started getting worse. I'd kill 1 a month. Then 1 a week, then 2 a week, now I'm seeing 6-7 every day.

Just moved in and have came across a bunch of cockroaches in my building and apartment.

This isn't about bedbugs (though I'm sure I would have found some had I stayed around), it's about cockroaches. I was supposed to move in in early September and upon coming upstairs after getting the keys I opened the door and saw cockroaches. Not just one, but many crawling around the inside of the doorframe. I saw them in the kitchen sink, in the closet, and in the bathroom. This was an *infestation*, and when I complained to the landlord he said no problem, I'll get an exterminator. He was ve

ry nice about it, but after talking to another tenant I got the feeling that this wasn't the only apartment that had this problem. I don't think the other tenants have been mentioning it to the landlord, which means that the whole building could be infested. I did't move my stuff in and am now fighting with the rental office to give me back my deposit. I know that lots of buildings in the west end have bug problems, but moving in and seeing dozens of them all over isn't a good first impression. No way could I live in there after what I saw - this building clearly isn't well maintained, and spraying one apartment is a bandaid solution. So glad I didn't move in.

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