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Toronto, ON M6K

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Cockroaches everywhere...

It was fine for the first 3 months I was here. But then half way through the summer they started getting worse. I'd kill 1 a month. Then 1 a week, then 2 a week, now I'm seeing 6-7 every day.

Just moved in and have came across a bunch of cockroaches in my building and apartment.

This isn't about bedbugs (though I'm sure I would have found some had I stayed around), it's about cockroaches. I was supposed to move in in early September and upon coming upstairs after getting the keys I opened the door and saw cockroaches. Not just one, but many crawling around the inside of the doorframe. I saw them in the kitchen sink, in the closet, and in the bathroom. This was an *infestation*, and when I complained to the landlord he said no problem, I'll get an exterminator. He was ve

ry nice about it, but after talking to another tenant I got the feeling that this wasn't the only apartment that had this problem. I don't think the other tenants have been mentioning it to the landlord, which means that the whole building could be infested. I did't move my stuff in and am now fighting with the rental office to give me back my deposit. I know that lots of buildings in the west end have bug problems, but moving in and seeing dozens of them all over isn't a good first impression. No way could I live in there after what I saw - this building clearly isn't well maintained, and spraying one apartment is a bandaid solution. So glad I didn't move in.

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