32 Maynard Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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The last report is absolutely incorrect. There are no bedbugs in the building. It has been recently renovated and updated. There are no supers. There is a Building Manager, a female, definitely not an alcoholic. The person who posted that report probably had never been in the building.
Besides, the slander or defamation of the character can be dealt with in Court.

What a hole. Do not move in here. So unclean. Roaches everywhere. I have a horrible infestation of bedbugs on the 5th floor. Its really bad on the 5th floor. There everywhere. Dont know if the supers know. We re afraid to speak up because they are a bunch of drunken alcoholics.

March 10th,2015. 32 Maynard Av was inspected by Pest Control. Building is completely clear from bed bugs.

we found bedbugs in this location. and It does not go. no matter how much you try to get rid of them.

Hi guys, I haven't seen any postings in the last year. Can someone tell me if there is still a bad infestation in Nov 2012?


I live on lewis st in lynn and my whole building is infested with bed bugs no one even had told me nothing when I moved in on jan and the problems with.infestation of mice old carpets and nasty washer and dryer machines in the basement that dont work right cloged.up tub in every.unit.and I got kids I went down to the board pf health complained to the landlord continusily and is not doing nothing I was.paying my.rent.everymonth and every time I complained to the landlord.he would.make up excuxes

o just started. Tryong to save up money but yet I had to keep taking money out to do luandry buy mattress.covers boxspring.cover heating machines and bed bug.sprays draino for the tub And still I have not seen results.i think all this should.be the landlords responsibility.but yet the health dept tells me that.the landlord dont have the money.to fix the problems in the buolding that I just kneed to worry about myself.im wondering if.i can get him in trouble for.rhis cuase if my kids wind up with bote marks on them im gonna have.to do something like get it docimented.by her doctor or something

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32 Maynard avenue is loaded with full of bed bugs.Couple of tenants already moved out of the apartment n now its our turn to move out cuz the bed bug thing is never ending.I live in 2nd floor and its messed up. The bed bug comes rite frm room no 201 ,i saw hundreds of bed bugs crawling outside his door at night.The pest control people came so many time but no signs of improvement.Cant't live with this shit anymore.Guys u might find the rent lil cheaper here then others but please

don eva do the mistake of moving here.We have already thrown so many stuffs cuz of this, cant afford to throw anymore.
Please, do not move here, this is ma request to all the people that are thinkin of moving here...the entire apartment is full of bed bugs.dont waste ur sleep and ur money..

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August 10th

Cockroaches, bed bugs, plumbing problems. Flooding on third floor, shitty laundry machines that don't work. Hope you like walking up and down stairs because the elevators only work sometimes and when they do work are very very slow.
Incompetent land lady who makes excuses about why she can't treat badly infested units.
The units below and above me are infested with cockroaches, luckily no nesting in my unit yet but th

ey come in my unit trying to escape the overpopulation. Land Lady will make excuses as to why she can't treat these units, such as "by law i can't unless the tenants ask me too" bullshit if there is an infestation she knows about she had better f-ing get rid of it.
Carpets in hallways are FOUL.
Pigeons shit on all balconies, be prepared to buy chicken wire or a super-soaker to deter this winged rats.
Every week I see another units worth of furniture ready for big pickup due to roaches/bed bugs
If you are already in this building, get out while you have you sanity in tact.
I know I am.

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Hello! I am that tenant from the 6th floor! I moved couple days ago from the building and happy that I can sleep well at night now. After my apartment was sprayed bedbugs move to the neighbours. So it will be FOREVER!!!! I have left all my furniture! EVERYTHING!!!! Just took my clothes and some books. Want to say that it is a common problem in this area. Just want to let you know about situation.


32 Maynard Avenue, Toronto, May, 2010

I started noticing a bite here and there at the end of last summer. Chalked it up to mosquitos and sand bugs from the beach. Not much in ways of bites for a couple of months and I couldn't find any evidence of bed bugs. Rarely saw cockroaches either. Then I saw the neighbor down the hall throwing her couch out by dragging it past my door. She said 'bed bug'. I was freaked, but hadn't been bit in a while, so I brushed it off, used a door sock, and sprayed

by my door. It won't happen to me, I thought.

That tenant moved out 2 months ago. Since they've left, their apartment has been empty, and reno'd. Since that time, I have been dealing with bed bug bites-on my futon (brand new), in my clothes, and bed. I've DE'd , I've sprayed, I've laundered, I've bagged my mattress, box spring, couches. Left DE along the baseboards and bed legs. THEY ARE STILL HERE. I saw one tiny one filled with blood walking away from me on my bed sheet when I woke up yesterday morning. I have had to stay at my ex husband's house to get sleep because I am losing my mind. My friends are nervous to have me visit because of the fear of infesting their house. I still can't find ANY evidence of them ANYWHERE, other than I see the odd living one. No feces, not anything. JUST because you can't find evidence DOES NOT mean they are not there!

Tonight, I was fighting for space in the laundry room (3 machines for 43 units-and only 2 that work half decent) and met TWO other tenants-one on the 4th, and one on the 6th floor who were washing their things because of bed bugs. I asked what the landlord did about it, and was told after a couple of weeks, someone was sent to spray. Once. It did nothing, of course. I plan on talking to my landlord tomorrow, but plan on moving as soon as I can afford to. There is nothing worse than not having a comfortable place to sleep. It makes you lose your mind very quickly.

My daughter is been bit as bad as me, and it's breaking my heart. We just got a new super, and she is really nice, but has got herself into a real doozie of a building. This place is a hole, and there is only so much urine in the elevator, flood in the foyer, bed bugs, cockroaches, filthy windows, disgusting, urinated on foyer couches, and 30 year old gross carpets, you can take.

So, "32 Maynard has been dealing with these insects for a while" is the word on the street. It's amazing what you find out when you ignore the stigma and TALK to others about what's going on. I suspect other tenants don't post on here for fear it can be tracked to them, or they just don't know about this site. (Many in the building are elderly or foreign-speaking little English.-both not lending way to finding this site).

I am using this website to find a new apartment, I wish EVERYONE would report their stories here.

I am throwing out a tonne of what I own, and can't go through this again :(

I have NEVER been so depressed in my home. It feels like I have no home.


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There were bed bugs for a long time, but I didn't know what they were. I had horrible bites all over my arms and I had no idea where they came from. One day it got really bad. It was July first, I had a house full of people and the bugs were swarming through the walls. It was disgusting. When one of my friends said that they look like bed bugs. I went to my matress and it was covered. My bed frame was so badly infested. It was one of the most horrible things I have had to deal with. Not to menti

on embarrasing.
It took the land lord over a month to do anything about our bugs, and by then I had bought a vacuum and had been taking care of them myself. Gross. The carpeted hallways of the building are very rarely vacuumed, and I have no doubt that many of the units in the building are just as badly infested as mine was.

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