31 Spencer Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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Stay away! Bed bugs and cockroaches that just won't go away. We saw couches and beds outside the apartment marked 'do not take - bugs'. Shortly after we discovered the bed bug infestation in our unit. When notifying the super all we got was a note under the door telling us how to prepare for the spraying and when they'd be coming. The super insisted that we brought them into the building and there had never been an infestation there before. We called the landlord who also said the building was c

ompletely clean up until now and when we mentioned seeing the other furniture outside she replied, ' you can't prove those couches and beds came from our building' and rudely hung up on us. Needless to say we are getting out. Have to throw out all our new furniture, sheets, pillows and clothes.

Nov. 22, 2015

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This building is a nightmare! My boyfriend and I lived here for two years. We had to pack up all our belongings twice to be sprayed for cockroaches. Just recently we also got bed bugs, unaware that a tenant on the third floor (where the laundry is) also had bed bugs. We have been sprayed twice now for bed bugs and have been living on an air mattress with our stuff piled around us for weeks. It has been an absolute nightmare. The management company, Wynn are slum lords. You request for maintenanc

e and they don't do it or do it in the most half-asses manner possible. They don't care about the people in this building nor the living conditions. The Super is very nice but her hands are tired but the lack of support from upper management. Rent is cheap but not after you throw out your belongings and live in a bug infested apartment. AVOID.

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Full of bedbug's and pests that showup after a few weeks from moving in. Drug addicts everywhere near this neighbourhood beware!..

I recently moved out from this building, I lived there for 5 years . Most of the tenants are immigrants and are unaware of the problem or they are afraid to tell the landlord. My child and I were bitten all over and I had to throw away my brand new furniture and clothes, because the infestation was severe. I told the landlord about it, the exterminator came 4 times to spray the apartment but not the whole building! My child and I are physically and psychologically scarred from this experience.

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