30 Springhurst Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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January 27, 2016

I've been living in this building for about a year and a half now.
I've never had any major bug issues until now !
We do get our once in a while cockroach visit from the sink, but this time I've become scared to sleep in my own home. Mind you, I'm a clean freak and keep everything clean at all times.
So , I was up preparing before my flight one night, and came across 3 bedbugs , one on my boyfriends blanket, one on the wall and bed! That's when I freaked out and almost

had a panic attack . ITS HORRIBLE AND DISCUSTING TO HAVE THIS SITUATION. And my friends are even getting bit When they come over . So embarrassing .. I've been calling and calling management but apparently they're on "vacation" LIKE WTF HOW CAN U LEAVE WITHOUT LEAVING A SECONDARY EMERGENCY CONTACT OR SOMETHING . I thought this was the dream location , but it's awful old and dirty.

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Are there any recent reports in this place? has the building gotten new management? reports are old, would like updates ;)

The previous comments, sound EXACTLY like the management of this- "hell hole"
The deny everything and DO nothing !!!

The building is filthy, it SINKS, there is mould quite visable in public areas, cockroaches EVERYWHERE- even around the Supers apartment door- if they don't mind living with them, no wonder there is no hope for the rest of us!

We were all sent a letter the other day, subjecting every unit to a bedbug inspection claiming it as preventivtive measure- the contents of the let

ter, a year letter- still deny the overwhleming pressence of bedbugs in this ruindown building.
How you can deny they are here- when furniture is piled up out the back (right beside the door I might add), COMPLETELY covered in bedbug fecal matter on a regular basis, with absolutely NO precautions taken!!!!!
It's a joke- have you not seen how they "clean- up" they drag the infested mattress down the public carpets, they wear no protective clothing and nothing is covered while in the pressence of public spaces. INSANE !!!!!!!

They are the rudested, most insulting people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

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I recently found out that I have bed bugs in my unit at 30 Springhurst Ave. When I reported it to the building management urgency to deal with the problem seemed very poor at best. I was also told that this was isolated to my appartment and had never been a problem in this building before by building management. An exterminator was ordered to my unit a short time after who made two visits. In the meantime I had to throw out a lot of my furniture and clothing. It wasnt until after checking the be

d bug registry and talking to the exterminator that I found out bed bugs had been a problem in my building months before I reported to my building management further more the exterminators had already been scheduled to come to other units before the day I had made my report. This whole situation has been awful and the building management has denied there being a problem all along. Infact they suggested I might have brought them to the building. AVOID this building!!

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There have been quite a number of bed bug reports in this building from people suffering with them BUT the management denies it! They have failed to notify other tenants as to the situation, and we are having to deal with it alone. We are not surpirsed we are having to deal with the over whelming rodent infestation and cockroach problem as well.

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