28 Maynard Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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The building has a severe bed bug and cockroach problem! I know the rent is cheap and that was appealing to me as well but all the hassle and furniture I had to throw away was NOT worth saving a few hundred dollars. Trust me, don't live here!

I lived in the 28 Maynard ave apartment building for almost 2 years starting Sept 2010 until May 2012 and on move in day I found a receipt from a pest control company for treatment of bed bugs and cockroaches. I was worried when I saw this but it was al

ready move in day so I didn't have a lot of choice.

Bed bugs didn't show until about 6 months later when I guess the spray had worn off and the weather was getting warmer. I would wake up in the middle of the night itchy and in the morning I would have welts on my arms and legs from the bites. I called the land lady Laura and she said she would get someone to come spray, saying another unit had a problem too. No one had mentioned anything to me until then and only people who called and complained got their unit sprayed which makes no sense. They should treat every unit, the whole building, if they want to get rid of them, but they don't!

Apparently there is an older lady who lives in the basement floor who refuses bedbug treatment and that is where the landlords think the source is coming from.

Spraying does work, for a few months but they always came back! Not to mention a few months before I moved out, because I couldn't take it anymore, cockroaches also started to appear.

Not worth it! Also on a side note, the walls are paper thin in the building, the security is severely lacking and there were at least 2 break ins while I lived there resulting in the assault of a neighbour, who was gossiped to be a drug dealer. Dangerous neighbourhood. Building manager as well as landlords are uncooperative and don't care about the buildings safety or its tenants.

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just moved out of 28 maynard, they have a serious bedbug problem, the whole side of both my arms where bit,DO NOT GO THERE

Last August after the heat wave i found a dead bed bug (in a spiders web) and called my landlady then spoke to the owner of the building. When I first contacted my landlord he told me the dead one was probably left from 2 years before (even though i mentioned i cleaned 2 times a week that included vacuuming). He mentioned bedbug covers for my bed (which i believe he said he would provide but didn't and even asked for my bed size) and to notify him if i see anything else. A month after that a nei

ghbor said he found some and then action was taken within a week.

The problem....there were signs (feces) of bed bugs in the curtain rods (wood), the sink, bathroom and closet (it was a bachelor apt). Apparently they had dealt with bedbugs in that unit 2 years before. This was all there before i arrived but i thought it was from cockroaches so i didn't press it ( i didn't know there was a problem with bedbugs in the place until contacting the owner about the dead one). The floors are also the colour that bedbugs and cockroaches are so i didn't realize that i had them even after a few bites which i thought were mosquito bites (they lasted 3-4 weeks and were extremely itchy).

They hired a company which told me to do all the usual things to prep for bedbug extermination. I followed closely (some of the tenants didn't). they also only did 4 of 5 of the apt on my floor (one of them was for rats i think) and the other wasn't touched. I spent HOURS prepping. They did only a 5 min spray and left. Used no diatamacious earth (even though i called the company and they said that they did), just pesticide as the room was to small. They also said there was no need to spray the kitchen as they dont go near food...even though it was about a meter from my bed and the signs of bedbugs were there.

The pest-guy said he couldn't find any bedbugs or signs of them, even though i had shown him the curtains rods and he verified them as belonging to bed bug droppings.

There was NO respraying!

I moved a month or 2 later and but before i did i started to get bit again.

I also left all my furniture behind.

I moved and have been bed bug free. However my Ps3 which i gave to a friend apparently had a dead bed bug in it (its been sealed since the last apt). She plugged it in while in the plastic bin, and noticed it after that.

Its been 5-6 months now and I haven't seen any or their signs...but the worry is always there.

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