245 Dunn Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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Bed bugs...roaches...mice...drugs u name it we have it here and nothing is done about it. They need to remove us all and burn this building down. Elevators are insane..ppl get stuck at least once a week...elevators break...constantly blood and urine in the staircases as well as bums injecting themselves... Never seen anything like this..I plan on getting a transfer out of here asap. Not a safe place.

Bed bugs are everywhere. This is a community housing building of which some of the occupants are not well (mentally/physically) and so the government should pay to clean the subsidized units. No matter how clean my apartment is they keep coming into my apartment because of the other units!!! This has been going on for TWO YEARS now. Enough is enough!

Bed Bugs are still here. And the management doesn't care!

We had no bed bugs before in my unit until one time of using laundry in the building. The whole building is infested !!!

Building is infected with bed bugs - 1st to 9th floor, at least.

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