223 Jameson Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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i live in apartment 303 as of February 2011 , the landlords are great the building is great no problems here once in a while you see a roach ( its Toronto )

this is one of the few decent apartment buildings :)

We were renting apartment #303 between September 2009 and August 2010. In August we found bedbugs in two of the bedrooms and two of us got bitten, one very badly and one quite mildly. We told our landlord and immediately got evicted for unrelated (and untrue) reasons, seemingly because they assumed we brought the bedbugs and because they wanted to raise the rent by $200 (which would be illegal if we were living there).

Fumigation of the apartment is taking place, but we're not sure whether th

e landlord intends to fumigate the entire building or just our apartment. We know we must have had them for long enough for them to spread from one room to another, so there's a chance they made it to other apartments. This means that unless they fumigate the whole building, the bugs could easily return.

I'll update when I know whether they're fumigating the entire building.

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