22 Maynard Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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This place is completely infested with cock roaches! All kinds of different roaches. They are everywhere, you can't take one step in your apartment or the hallway or around the outside of the building without running into a roach or having one fall on your head, watch out especially when you open doors. They crawl in your food on your plate while you eat it, they are in the bed when you sleep, the bathtub when you shower, EVERYWHERE on this property is infested. The landlord lives next door (20

Maynard) and says her place is bad too and doesn't do anything about it. The landlord couple Barrie and Tomay treat tenants like prisoners, Tomay will get into your face, yelling about illegal rules like no visitors, no music, no drinks in the backyard. She had her husband chainsaw a beautiful picnic table a resident built for the building. Her sons also yell at you if you have a can of beer in the backyard while you BBQ. Even the backyard has roaches everywhere but seems to be a little bit less out there. Some units have had bed bugs but there hasn't been a bed bug issue in my unit. Do not move here unless you want to make cockroach soup. You have been warned, this is the worst place, it is so disgusting. I can smell mold throughout the whole building. I know many tenants here and they keep their place very clean but nothing helps.

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Room 304. I have lived a year here.

Insane number of cockroaches. This place is infested with them. Especially summer time they come out in crazy numbers. In my food plate, on the bed, even when I am sleeping.

The management is nice but they did a pest control powder/ spray thing twice.I have seen cockroaches in her apartment as well. Didnt change anything. I think the building is old. Probably needs to be wrecked completely to fix the problem.

Also there is water leakage every time it

rains through the walls .The fridge is old and insanely rusted from the back. This pretty much can state how old the building is.

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