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I live in this building and have no problems

I have never lived here, but I called this location (property manager?) to inquire about viewing an apartment and asked about bed bugs as a preliminary question. I mentioned I was relocating to Toronto from out of town, and the woman on the phone got EXTREMELY upset and rude, saying "Look, you're moving to Toronto. There are bed bugs literally EVERYWHERE and there is no avoiding them - you might as well get used to them now". This is a direct quote - I just got off the phone with her 2 minute

s ago.

I was speechless after this - I definitely wasn't expecting the rudeness. Again, I never lived there but would say to steer clear of anybody with that kind of attitude.

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I have lived in this building for 8 years and have never had any issues with bed bugs or cockroaches. I live on the 14th floor and have an incredible view of the lake, I would never give that up.

As far as the supers go! they are great! I've only had one issue, and they had it fixed right away.

Hello prospective tenants,

I was like to tell you of our very unfortunate experiences living in this building.

I moved in two years ago to a "clean and bug free unit" on a floor higher that 18. After waking up the first morning I immediately became aware of strange movement and investigated. To my shock there were no less than 10 cock roaches all over the kitchen. I immediately started killing them so my wife would not see them when she woke up. Having never rented in a roach filled apa

rtment I was very upset with the discovery but hoped that this was a one off event - it was not.

After several more morning of this I approached the building manager and was met with "surprise." The manager said she had never see roaches on my floor. She asked about the poison left in the unit and I told her I thought it was renovation dust and I cleaned it up. She laughed at me for not knowing it was poison then, handed me a page on how to deal with roaches - it said to be clean and keep all food sealed in bags or containers. Since there were "no roaches" in the building I couldn't help but wonder why she had the page ready at all.

An appointment was made to have my "roach free unit" retreated with poison. The pest control company arrived and they used the same poison that left 6-10 roaches to fight back each morning. Nothing changed over the months that followed.

In fact, the problem became so sever my wife had bouts of crying each morning out of sheer disgust and frustration. Finally I took matters into my own hands. After consulting several sites I discovered the key is finding their nest. I plugged every hole and hiding place I could find. Killed the remaining roaches in the unit - so I though - and their numbers decreased. Now that I had done the managers work for her I only see the odd roach. However, two years later I am still finding roached around the unit.

I don't know if all units have roaches but after talking to neighbours on several floors I discovered thee are definitely roaches throughout the building so, don't be deceived by the manager. there are ROACHES!!. They are very hard to get rid of, even after two years of fighting.

While we are gearing up to move out I would be remiss not to warn the good people who are to follow as tenants.

Cock roach victim

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I've lived here for less than a year, on one of the higher floors (higher than 10th, I don't want to be toooo specific). I've not had any roach or bedbug issues, but there are lots of VERY LARGE, SCARY spiders - but that's just because we are right next to the lake. I spider sprayed my whole place and balcony and they seemed to go away for the most part (I hate spiders :S).
As far as the traffic/trains, they don't bother me at all. The traffic is almost like a nice constant hum lol, really

not bad at all. It gets SUPER windy down here, but that's because we are right on the lake. I have a beautiful view of downtown and the lake - which is awesome!
The neighbourhood isn't the best, but I've never had an actual issue, just some homeless crazies asking for change and smokes.
The management does seem quite grumpy, and disinteresting in everything but I haven't interacted with them much or had to really ask them for anything (I pretty much keep to myself when possible). The maintenance staff guy is super rude and grumpy and hard to understand - I could definitely do without every having to see that guy again. I wouldn't mind if the kept the management, but fired that guy.
The elevators have been replaced. They WERE TERRIBLE, but are now pretty good.
As for the unit itself, large balcony and lots of closet space. So far I am quite happy here :)

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The management staff in this building are really rude and 100% unhelpful, and their mood is always down, when we bring some issues, the both couple (Greg & Elizabeth)speak in such a rude manner, it seems that we are staying on their money and paying nothing.
I am just wondering why the higher management of this building is not aware of these facts? Why they are putting their business in risk by keeping these staff????
I wish to stay but due to these management staff always ruin my days..

If you live in an apartment in Toronto and are paying less than $2000/mo, you should expect varieties of bugs, especially in a rental. Seal your apartment with Caulking and larger holes with spray foam insulation before you move in and stop expecting managemnt to fix it for you; they won't, they have hundreds of units to deal with. Even though it's frustrating, overall they don't care. Take control of your own situation and stop complaining about it.

I had to move out of this location due to the cockroach problem. I lived on the 6th floor and didn't start getting them until about a year after moving in. But from the get-go - huge spiders were always found in my room. Between the spiders and the roaches, I couldn't take it anymore. I would not recommend this building to anyone unless you are fascinated by insects.

TO the STUPID PERSON below just because your clean you can still get bedbugs so it it doesn't matte how clean or dirty you are you STILL get bed bugs so shut up and learn your facts.

Nothing happened to me. I don't have these problems and have been here awhile. However, I clean my place. I guess if I was sloppy I'd have those problems. Never seen a bedbug, and I check rigorously (before I read this), but I also change my bedding frequently, and I use cil on the mattress when I flip it. I've always lived in a house before here, so when I moved in (no offense) I assumed everyone here was dirty and set myself up accordingly. So no, I don't have these problems people complain ab

out. However, people don't be ignorant!!! Don't be throwing garbage down the Shute after midnight. It makes a noise like the sky is falling. Put your trash on your balcony till morning if it's that bad!!!! Please!!!!!!

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Rude management, broken elevators, bugs, constant noise
This location seemed like an OK place in this otherwise slum prone area. However, after constant issues in this building I decided to warn unsuspecting future renters of the state of affairs here. Yo will deal with a very rude and dishonest management couple (Greg and Elizabeth). The elevators are a total nightmare. At first they were constantly out of service (one in three never worked), now under the 6 months renovating project only one

picks up signals and the other sits on the 24 floor all the time and ignores your request to stop where you are. The result is a total nightmare - waiting times up to 45 minutes (minimum 10-15 minutes if you are lucky), travelling by elevator up and down for at least 10 minutes and stopping on every floor before landing where you want to go. On the top of that the woman superintendent is rude and domineering when asked to help with this issue or any other issue (for example bugs - if you need it more than once). Heat in your apartment is regulated by her and Greg centrally - not by you - all the individual controls of heat were removed from the apartments. So you are stuck with their whims. Don't expect much - bugs, very poor maintenance (working under the table East European immigrants doing cheap job on everything around the building), constantly rising rent and diminishing services (there is no overnight security guy any longer). The other big problem are regular fires - get used to being woken up at 2 am by fire siren and the fire crew presence. And you will never rest here - noise form the highway and Lakeshore Blvd. West (any event at CNE, etc.) as well as the railroad will only add to everything else. On more thing - young neglected by their parents teenagers in this building vandalise the space on regular basis - throwing stuff from the balcony (smashing glass on the pavement) during the day! Pot smoke and cigarette fumes will end up in your apartment for sure, courtesy of your sometimes troubled neighbours. None of it will be taken care of by your superintendent couple. They are very skilled at expelling any other assistant superintendents and spreading lies about them. The result is they can't upkeep the property the way they should and nobody wants to work with them.

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July 30th 2012.

Every since my family moved into this apartment 2 years ago we've had nothing but problems with roaches; this building is infested with them and the building management don't seem to care, they are rude and have no customer service even though people pay the rent on time. About 2 weeks ago the pest control came to treat the apartment (this is the 3rd treatment this year)and last week we went on vacation and last night we came back the whole apartment was crawling of these disg

usting animals and all the management had to say is "and what do you want me to do" in a very loud angry voice. This is a nightmare I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUILDING TO ANYONE!!! DO NOT MOVE IN HERE! management are rude and abnoxious... I hope I find something else soon because I can't put my family to this unhealthy place.

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Live on the 14th floor - never seen a cockroach or a bedbug and have lived here for a yr and half. Management are fair - they deal with quite a few interesting/challenging people. All in all they do a good job. The building is def improving...

I lived in this building before for couple of years. Super is blatenly rude specially the women. I don't understand why Amelin property put the property in the hand of such a rude people. In business customer service is the number one but Amelin property Management don't care. Good luck people who live there.

I live here since 2007 and the roaches are definitely a problem, even with spraying. Management are not proactive or forthcoming in dealing with the issues - that goes almost for everything. They downplay the problem and are rude - the main superintendent couple for sure.I will be moving out as soon as my circumstances permit - can't live with roaches and rude supers, while the rent climbs up so much every single year.

I live on the 14th floor and haven't seen a roach in over a year. Never saw bedbugs. The new management seems to take care of the place well.

Ive been living here since December 2010, my apartment was infested when i moved in, and it was taken care of. IT was SO bad that we had to get sprayed 5 times, and they were still in my apartment. I Suggest to anyone that lives in this building to get "Caulk" and seal your apartment. It will stop them from entering your apartment, and hiding under the baseboards! Also a mattress cover is best too. I have both, and i have yet to see a bug in over 5 months!

I have lived here since August 2010, and in the last two months we found a significant roach infestation under and around the sink. Management sent someone quickly to "dust and gel". They are still around apparently it takes 4-6 weeks to take affect (I think that's a bit of bs) but a couple weeks later, 5 days ago, we discovered bedbugs... At first my wife was gettin bites on her arm that we thought was a rash due to a stressful few weeks, but eventually, laying in bed watching a show I saw some

thing move in front of me on the blanket, and found it was a bedbug.
Because I'm used to dealing with stubborn supers, I trapped it and googled bedbugs, and the pictures matched. But management setup a appointment right away for someone to come in and do the first treatment. In the meantime we don't have anywhere else to sleep so were stuck getting slowly devoured in our sleep, which doesn't come easily.
The odd thing though, is they bite my wife all over, but I only have a bite or two and only in the last couple days

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So, today is move in day. There is a pretty major infestation of bed bugs all over my apartment. Everything was placed on the balcony an the super is spraying tomorow and in 2 weeks. I live on one of the lower floors. I'm also not impressed with how they treated us this morning when we moved in. Totally rude, they made me feel like a piece of shit. Arnt supers not suppose to rent out infested apartments? Wouldn't recommend anyone moving here.

I moved into this building in March 2009 and discovered the bugs in the middle of August 2009. For the first two treatments, building management was competent and quick but when I needed a third then a fourth treatment, they dragged their feet. I left messages daily for a week trying to find out when the exterminator would be back but management never felt the need to update me.
The supers here are also pretty awful: unfriendly, unhelpful, just plain rude. When I explained that bed bugs ca

n travel through the walls, between units, they refused to believe me. I watched the bugs crawl out of small gaps in the walls, but they refused to believe the bugs could be in other units.
They also told me they would pay for the first treatment but I would have to pay for any additional treatments. This is wrong; landlords are responsible for providing a pest-free environment and are responsible for paying for any and all treatments required. Makes me wonder if there are other people in the building with bugs who aren't getting treatment because they can't/don't want to pay for it.
I haven't slept in my bed since August 17, when I first discovered the problem. I will be moving out April 1 and I can't wait to get away from here. I'm on the 16th floor but I can't recommend this building to anyone, on any floor.

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Bed bugs, cockroaches, and some other bugs... they travel from unit to unit. been their for 1 year and 10 months. the last 5 months of me being there was hell. apart from that to it is a 50 / 50. good, quick management. I do and do not recommend it. anything below the 10 floor forget it. any 2 bedroom forget it. the sprayed from top to bottom every year. so you are bound to get them eventually.

enjoy the bugs if yo do not mind them spraying it every year.

would I move back

there, NO. breathing the exhaust gasses from the Gardiner and the noise pollution.

even if you paid me to live there. the building is good but the neighborhood is trash. still needs a lot of cleaning.

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