21 Thorburn Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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I have lived here for over 2 years (since it was renovated, during which time it was sprayed; I know I live through it). The only person to complain was this person, no one who has lived in that unit before or since and no one else...

We only lived at this address for a total of four months, moved recently due to bedbugs. Approximately two weeks after moving in we began to see bites and found a bedbug. We reported the problem to the landlord who told us we must have brought them with us (we've never had bedbugs before). He came by with a bottle of insecticide and sprayed the apartment. Within two weeks, the bedbugs were back. In the meantime, we had learned that the building used to be a rooming house with bedbug problems. We

asked for a professional fumigation of all the units (6 in total), which the landlord refused. He did, however, get a fumigator to do our unit and the one adjacent to us. The bedbugs came back after several weeks and we gave notice. The landlord did fumigate our unit one more time before we moved, but it didn't seem to make any difference, and neither did the spraying we did ourselves in between professional fumigations, or the other measures we took as per Toronto Health's advice (putting all clothes through drier, sealing all cracks in room, etc.).

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